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Steam screwed with me for the last time

I'm tired of steam hogging my entire download limit and not letting me play my own games just because I refuse to take all of their bullsh*t updates. I bought a copy of Killing Floor I won't be able to play for weeks now thanks to Steam's rubbish updates and refusal to work even in single player at anything other then a super fast net speed. I can only currently play two of many games in my collection thanks to steam believing that it knows better then me. Its like Valve owns every game I put on that bloody program so now I'm stuck playing bot matches in Battlefield 2 or playing MW2's campaign offline for the thousandth time. I have many games I'd love to play that I actually own that steam is refusing me. This is the last time I will buy a game that forces me to download Gigs of space just to play. Screw you Valve and your b*stard child Steam. This is the reason I won't be buying Black Ops after the hoops it forced me to jump through with MW2. They're my games and I think I'll keep them in the future rather then entrusting them to some faceless Valve employee.

Problem solved. Now I get to shoot more people online.

Thanks @shred345 and various reviews for showing me the light. Goodbye Medal of Honor, hello Black Ops and Bad Company 2. Now my COD and Battlefield urges are filled for another six months. Modern Warfare 2 will always have a place in my game time however. Just hope there's less expensive DLC for this one though.

Medal of Honor

I know I've been saying since day one that Medal of Honor was going to flop and look like the inferior COD rip off that it appeared to be. But now I've seen some game-play I'm not so sure. It looks and sounds quite good when compared with other PC FPS games (though it doesn't look half as good as MW2) and so I am faced with a dilemma. Medal of Honor? Bad Company 2? COD4? Black Ops? Arrgh my brain hurts.

Valve Rage

Yes we all know that Valve is the world's best game company but looking at it objectively what do they have. Cliched shooters with a very limited number of generic weapons running on a decade old engine. I don't have anything against Valve, in fact I love the Left 4 Dead games, the original Half-Life, HL2 Deathmatch and Counter Strike Source but do we really need to treat their every release like the second coming? I know for certain after playing Portal that there will be absolutely no compulsion for me to get Portal 2 or even look at Portal ever again. And the little mythology that they're building up is grating too- the cake, the hats and every thing ever said about GLADOS or TF2. Its all just unnecessary and detracts from otherwise good games and seems like cutesy Fanboy rubbish. I must admit though, when I read about the Left 4 Dead dual DLC I nearly creamed my pants...

Sorry BF2

Just discovered Battlefield 2 was good for the first time in my life. Whereas before I just wandered around wondering why the fog of war was so bad then getting shot by snipers, now I've found a good server. This now involves riding a swarm of choppers Appocalypse Now style against the Chinese...and getting killed by snipers. Battlefield is now looking better.....

Duke Nukem Forever

How many copies of Duke Nukem Forever will they manage to sell? They will literally have a license to print money with this game- it is literally legendary. Still seems like a joke or something that its out now; I thought everyone had left it for dead. At least 50, 000 fanboys + $100 a copy + Longer wait then TF2= A s**t load of money for gearbox