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Bioshock 2

I've been hearing things about Bioshock 2 for the PC but I can't see how they could continue from the ending I've seen

WrestleMania XXIV

Randy Orton retains the WWE title by kicking Triple H in the head, after he had just delivered the pedigree to John Cena:D

The Undertaker maintained his WrestleMania winning streak by defating the World Heavyweight Champion, Edge:evil:

Floyd 'Money' Maywether cheated the win agianst the Big Show with the help of some brass knuckles:evil:

Shawn Michaels finally ending Ric Flair's career with some Sweet Chin Music:D

Kane won the 24-man Battle Royal in order to get his ECW title shot against Chavo Guerrero:D

JBL defeats his rival, Finlay with a powerful Clothesline from Hell:evil:

CM Punk wins the Money in the Bank Ladder Match to earn his title shot whenever he pleases:evil:

SmackDown's Batista triumphs over Raw's Umaga in an explosive power match:D

After winning the Battle Royal Kane went to fight the ECW Champion Chavo Guerrero and won with a huge ChokeSlam:D

Beth Phoenix and Melina defeat Ashley and Maria in the LumberJack BunnyMania event, first The King (Jerry Lawler) punched Santino Marella. After the match he started shout abuse at Maria, which didn't sit well with Snopp Dogg, Snoop flattened him out then claimed his prise, which came in the form of Maria:evil:

Another Top 10, Top 10 Shooters

1. The Orange Box

2. Bioshock

3. Gears of War

4. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter

5. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2

6. The Darkness

7. Lost Planet

8. CrackDown

9. Halo 3

10. Stranglehold

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