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My PS3 died on me, again

Hey guys! :D

It's been a long time since I posted a blog, but that's because I've been really busy with studies,sports etc. :P

And yeah, my PS3 died on me, AGAIN.:| 8 months ago its HDMI port stopped working, so I got it exchanged with a new piece from sony (its under warranty). Then my ps3's optical drive stopped working, and my Uncharted 2 disc got stuck in it! :cry:

Luckily for me, I somehow managed to get the disc out :P 

Then the second replacement and now I've got a PS3 which won't turn on and 3 PS3 boxes in my store room :P

And guess what, I set up another push-up record- 127 non stop,breaking my previous record of 98 :D (Yeah that was pretty frustrating :P )

I really wanted Crysis 3, but now it's all ruined!:cry:


(Nah, not really, I just need to get the rusty junk to the service center :P )

Anyone's got a good sig suggestion? My old sig's not working anymore, so I'd love to get help :o

And did you know I've got an electric guitar? :o I love metal :twisted: (Not the completely insane, head banging screaming ones :P )

Oh and the most important thing- my semester finals are starting next week:!:

Wish me luck! :D

Black Ops 2 or Modern Warfare 3?

Hello guys! :D

It's been a long time, but this blog's gonna be short, so skipping to the point, I want to get a COD game for my ps3, but I don't which one.My choices have already been stated in the topic, so a little advice on this one might be of help :) (Now I know there are you guys out there who think COD sucks,but guess what?I want to buy a game that sucks :P )

I'm feeling all militaristic in the past few days, so a I wouldn't mind a few suggestions:o

And yeah, just a few words on what I've been doing in all these days-

Watching DBZ,studying,prototyping and trying to become a Super Saiyan :P

I'm sorry.

I'm sorry,I've been gone for so long without telling anything.I feel a bit more grown up now,so you will see less jokes in my blogs.

I bought the ps3(the 320 gb one,and I separately bought the move controller and camera).I actually bought it 2 weeks ago,but I didn't tell you all.It took a lot for me to get up and blog.I think I'm going to be away from GS for a while.I don't know for how long,but it will be some time before you see me again.But I might just reappear tomorrow,it all depends on my mood.As for the decision,I'm sorry Xbox fans,but I took the decision after a lot of brain-storming.I currently have 3 games,and 1 which I borrowed from my friend.I bought Uncharted: Drake's Fortune,Uncharted 2:Among Thieves(both of them were available at the price of 1 in a package) and Fifa 12.I borrowed Just Cause 2 from my friend.As for psn,I haven't signed up yet.

I don't think I would have even blogged about it,and left GS leaving you guys wondering.But I felt I should tell you all,and so I did.

Just to make this blog end with a little bit more,I would give an emoticon-Bye:)

Which one?PS3 or 360?

First,some other stuff-(You can skip this part if you directly want to get to the point,but I'll request you not to:P )

Summer's over,everyone is getting back to work,while I've been working hard during the entire summer.Why?Because I was too impatient for college,that's why!:x

I joined a college which is open during the summer,it's optional though,if you want to go,it will help you when the actual year starts,and if you don't,it doesn't really affect you,but of course I want extra help!:P

Now then,the gaming update-

I HAVEN'T PLAYED ANY GAMES IN THE PAST MONTH!!!!(Cuz I was studying,dum*o)(I didn't wanna hurt your feeling....please don't expand the brackets and multiply,I've already had enough of maths:P )

Darn!:x I want Ultimate tenkaichi,it's previews and trailers are interesting enough:o

OK,the REAL part-(What the hell.......)

I'm gonna buy a gaming console this Oct,but I don't know which one should I buy:o.I had a number of options earlier,but I've finally come down to 2 - a 360 and a PS3:D.I've gotten some opinions from people in unions,but they were too few.:( (So?......)

Now I want your opinions,yes your opinions,yes your opinions,yes your opinons," " "," " ",(Hey,did you notice I'm malfunctioning?)

So PLEASE COMMENT on what you think............(Seriously,not for showing off how many comments I have,but for my help.True friends,come to my aid!:P )

Level 20 and 2K Posts.....Finally

I've been looking forward to this milestone,I'm level 20 now with 2K posts:D

Now I know many of you out there will say, JUST 2K posts?!But for me,it's a pretty big thing:o

Congratulate me:x !



Anyway,did you guys hear a new dbz game is coming out?Wow,I just seemed to notice,how observant of me:P

I met that college bully a few days ago,good thing was he kept his mouth zipped,he probably didn't wanna blow up what remains of his "reputation" :P

I think I'll be getting little big planet 2 for my PSP,I've heard a lot about it:o

"We hate ramen!"

Well that's what my friends told me when I told them that I want to got to a ramen shop,AGAIN :P

Yup,last time I went for lunch with my friends,I had ramen.Before that,ramen.Now,ramen.Looks like they must be runnin outta stock right now:P

Not much to say,but atleast I said something,rather than a few blogs I've read which are less than 2 or 3 lines.........:P (No offence to the guys who write short blogs:P )

Bye!:) (And don't bother me again:x :lol: )


It's just bad luck

Yeah,this blog is written by me a little sooner than expected:o ,but I thought I needed to share this with you guys.:|

College is waaaayyyyy more difficult than I thought:(. I am surprised by the amount of work I am doing-tons of projects,assignments,professors' opinion about "You are not that bright child" thing and this.:cry:

This stands for-A major brawl with a senior college student.:x

Now this guy thinks he can boss me around just because I am his junior,he is wrong:evil:.And I proved it and made a point that he never repeats what he did to me.That is if his brain can understand what I mean.:lol:

Well in short he tried to bully me around and make fun of me and act tough in front of all his friends,but I turned the tide on him and he was feeling very embarrassed.So yelled at the top of his lungs.And so did I.:|

And then he went off like a pressure cooker.:oHe punched my damn hard and threw me down on the floor.He tried to jam my head between his hands when I have him a strong hit on the head with my head.Like I meant "Let's see who's head is harder!":P

And then we fought like wild animals.His friends stood there like stautes and didn't help him,luck me:o

I am happy that learning a bit of martial arts helped me here.And after a while he went like "BAM!" on the floor he tried to get up but I gave him a typical punch on his round-round tummy(yeah,he's fat:P ) and then he went still.

In fact I got worried for him,until I heard him groaning around,and boy was that a relief:?

This happened yesterday,and luckily I haven't met up with him yet,but because of the fight I have gotten my left arm twisted(I am typing with my right hand) and both my knees bruised with a literal purple eye and a bloody nose:(

When I came home after the brawl (obviously,I came home directly after the brawl and didn't attend college) I got scared for a moment after looking in the mirror,cuz I looked like road-kill!:o

Yup,so that's the update,see you guys around later.



It's College Time

Oh yeah,I'm finally a College student.And it has already started.And I'm back from my vac.It seems like they just started yesterday,but heck time does pass quickly when it's supposed to pass slowly,right?:P

And look at my GS achievements!:DI unlocked many cuz of E3,but a few are because of other reasons though.I am really angry as to why I didn't follow more games released at E3,if I had only followed 10 more,I would have gotten Game Gladiator Gold achievement!:cry:

But still,silver is good,but a gold one would have been epic!:x

And yeah,I'm like going crazy about being mod.I really wanna be one(not to boss around or anything:P ).:o

I'm also thinking about linking my Windows Live account so I can share my achievements and get rewarded:D

I have been playing GTA LCS for my psp off-late,and I also have GTA 4 for my laptop,but I haven't installed it yet.

So yeah,this is a short blog,but atleast it's a blog:P

See you until next time!:D



I don't know if this is a good title for this blog,but who cares anyways:|

Anyways,it's all working for me.The study pressure has easied off and now I am on vacations(They left us a bit early:o )and my PSP got fixed.It seems that the problem was that my battery pack ran out of it's usability(Munch helped me to figure it out:P ).Now I'm enjoying playing my PSP,killing Nazis in COD Roads to Victory,and scoring innumerous goals against clubs(yes,it's FIFA 11).Plus I am figuring how to make nice sigs now using CS5.I thought about an avi change but I am not finding anything good:( (You could help).I know,I use brackets way too often:P,but it's a better way of expressing yourself isn't it?As for my PC games,the disc which is currently spinning in my laptop is non other than Crysis 2.

It's a pretty awesome game,and a great shooter.I haven't played the original crysis so I don't know about the similarities in the features but for an outsider it's great.

Actually,i don't have much else to say,so here's the end of my blog.See ya next time when I'll post my next blog(And that is possible only if I type another one soon:P )


not signing out.

Painful situation

Well blogging isn't the best thing I'd like to do,let me tell you that.But this is truly ridiculous.I have been studying 24x7 for some time now,waiting for this test,and I only get 69 out of 100.Pathetic in my circumstances.(And I am not a geek.)And now, peer pressure is building up on me as others weren't even close to my marks.Yes.They were far ahead-the class average was 80!And now the subject teachers are saying that "There are only 4 more tests coming up in the following month class.So take it easy."Ok,first of all,1 test was already difficult enough to drive me crazy.But now 4!And after that they say "JUST".Really.

Forget about that,I have not a bought a game from like July!And the last time I playedwas in December after which my PSP's screen went blank.But no.No time to repair,no time to relax,to time to play,even finding out time in GS is becoming difficult.

So I guess I will be much more relieved after this set of test are over.I really hope it happens soon enough.See you until then or earlier.