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Ah yes, what a great week

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This was an excellent week for gaming. E3 was so awesome and now my wish list is full of so many games that I hope i will have the money to buy. I would like to personally thank GameSpot for the great coverage they provided. Now on another less exciting point, I finally picked up Splinter Cell Chaos Theory. I rented it a while back, and I loved it, but I never got around to buying it. so i said "hey, its like 20 dollars now, why don't i just pick it up" and i did. And one last thing, IM LEVEL 20!! i think all that time at the site during E3 really helped boost me up to level 20. Anyways im going to go play chaos theory now, talk to you all later.

Yes, total access!!!

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Finally, im a full subscriber. its great with the fast downloads and all the great features. But what really ticks me off is the fact that just because im 16, GameSpot will not allow me to download or stream Mature rated games. THESE ARE THE ONLY GAMES I PLAY MOSTLY. I pay 50 dollars a year now, and i have to wait until my birthday before i can watch high res M rated videos. I love GameSpot, but i wish they never put this feature in place. I understand that its "against the rules" and its "protecting the children" but I can still watch the low res videos just by logging out of my account. So there really isn't a point to having this feature in place. Sorry for the rant, but im just a little angry.