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Sunday, September 25
49ers at BengalsI can't see the 49ers waking up after that loss and having to travel across the country in a 1:00 game.
Broncos at TitansI don't really care about either of these teams. Titans I guess.
Dolphins at Browns The Fins suck less.
Giants at EaglesThe Eagles always have the Giants number. Shouldn't change this time.
Jaguars at PanthersWith the Jaguars sucking, Newton will have another strong performance and his first win.
Lions at Vikings It will be their hardest game yet, yet they'll defeat their divisonal road opponent.
Patriots at Bills Bills haven't beaten the Patriots in 8 years. It won't change this time.
Texans at SaintsTexans defence is underrated, but I don't expect them to beat the Saints.
Cardinals at Seahawks The Seahawks are ****ing terrible.
Chiefs at ChargersShould be a win for the Chargers. They can't possibly screw up enough to lose to this Chiefs team, can they?
Falcons at BuccaneersEasily the hardest game for me to pick, but I'll go for the Upset Special. US.
Jets at Raiders I think the Jets will struggle greatly, but they'll barely pull off the win.
Packers at Bears The Packers win in the Bears trying for revenge.
Ravens at Rams Rams still won't win. At least their division sucks.
Steelers at Colts Well, at least during this Sunday Night, one team will play well.

Monday, September 26
Redskins at CowboysNo real reason.
WAS:21 DAL:24

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I even called it about Vick. I said he wouldnt make it past Week 4 without getting banged up. And he cant even make it past the 2nd week!! The dude is a major liability for that fat contract Philly showered him with.

Always hated Vick and was glad to see that happen to him, I was hoping that it would have been sumthin more serious but this was pretty good too since the "Dream Team" ended up losing. :D


I know, but then again anyone would've been injured by the hit he took. Funny how he finally starts passing in pocket, and he gets hit with an injury like that.

Anyone able to decide on which of the three of KC, Indy (Manning might not come back this season) or Seattle is the worst. I can find major arguement with all three of them being the worst, and I have no idea who is going to win the "Suck for Luck" between KC and Seattle.

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Wow, the Rams are doing horrible right now. They've just been blowing it in the Red Zone, and then there was that stupid fumble and Williams screwing up on that lateral.

Awesome catch by Nicks, though. I'm still stunned the Giants are so far ahead.

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Even though it had everyting to make it an intense game, i just hated the Sunday Night Game. Everyone was just making way too many mistakes and the third quarter felt like it was moving at a snails pace. I swear there have been overtime games shorter than that game.

Oh and the Chargers blew last week. Rivers throwing like, three picks, them keep screwing up in Patriots territory, Tolbert's fumble and the forth and goal. I'm not optomistic about this year at all. At least we play in the AFC West.


Brady's a beast though. The Patriots are terrifying and are going to be a force this year, and that's a massive understatement. I expect Brady to break Dan Marino's single season passing record.

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I apologize for not doing this last week. I've just been swamped in the past few weeks with work, moving in, starting college again and because of the lockout, football wasn't on my mind as much this August. I'll get this up next week unless you want to do it again.
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Sometimes it takes me 10 minutes to fall asleep. Other times, it takes 4-6 hours. Sadly, it's usually one or the other :(.
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Someone tried to bite me, but other than that, I'm fine. Would have been kind of a bummer had it happened.
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Bombing math every year and waking up early. Other than that, I really do miss it a lot.
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[QUOTE="Maniacc1"]Aww. Too late. Already 12:50 in Melbourne. Prophecy unfulfilled. Alex3796
They guy who predicted said it won't start until 6:00 P.M. It's supposed to begin with earthquakes on Christmas Island.

Earthquakes? That's a bummer :(.
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I'm probably just going to be making fun of this for the next two days. Lets say I'll look like an idiot if it actually does happen. :lol: