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Hey guys, wanted to let everyone know that Gamepedia, a huge wiki provider for various games, is doing a great giveaway right now. They're giving free copies of The Evil Within away to a select few, and all you have to do is edit their wiki and show them your skill. I think that's pretty cool, so I thought everyone'd want to see it. Details are at theevilwithin.gamepedia.com/The_Evil_Within_Console_Contest.
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So the Division wiki is running a pretty big contest right now where you could win a PS4 console and a copy of The Division as the grand prize, and runners up can win copies of The Division. And all you have to do is edit the wiki a bit and help grow the community. It's really a win/win, so if you have the time to check it out, I suggest taking a look! Details are at http://thedivision.gamepedia.com/The_Division_Console_Contest.
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Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that Gamepedia is running a massive contest right now where you could win an Xbox One console and a copy of Titanfall! Runners up also win copies of Titanfall for Xbox One, which is pretty awesome. All you have to do is do some edits to their wiki at titanfall.gamepedia.com to enter, so it's a really good chance to win something awesome and contribute to an epic community. All the details are at http://titanfall.gamepedia.com/Titanfall_Console_Contest, so come take a look!
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Did you guys know there's a Titanfall wiki on Gamepedia? I like most of their stuff, especially considering the alternatives. Anyway, I was looking for a screenshot and found it in this huge screenshot area they have, and thought you guys might like it to. http://titanfall.gamepedia.com/Titanfall_Wiki Have fun. I'm off to freak out until they release this beast.