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Restrictive Controls = Challenge?

I am starting to get tired of ****ing moron developers who think that:

"Restrictive and awkward controls makes a game more challenging and adds tension!"

Restrictive and awkward controls are just that: controls that can have unnecessary restrictions and are awkward to use.

The whole bull**** setup worked back then when we were new to 3D action games but in this age where all controllers either have 2 analog sticks or motion-sensing technology, it's time for developers to grow the **** up and cut the bull****.

My focus right now is on Resident Evil.

While other games kept up with the times and either discarded the crappy 'tank control' scheme or started adding shooter-friendly controls for precision aiming on the move, the idiots behind Resident Evil are still stuck in the year 1996, not being able to move on.

Implementing such clunky controls means that they can get lazy with the enemy programming and A.I. Having stupid and slow enemies balances well with the clunky controls.

Remember how agile Wesker was in the cutscenes of Resident Evil 5 but when you actually fight him, he's so slow and can easily lose sight of you?
That's because if he really fought you like in the cutscenes, your clumsy tank controls and 'stand & shoot' bull**** wouldn't be able to keep up with him.

Challenge and tension does not come from restrictive controls but from smart and challenging enemies.
Other games gives you as much freedom as possible, implementing various dodging and defensive maneuvers while encouraging you to utilize all the abilities by having you take on cunning, agile and brutal opponents.

It's sad that the developers behind Resident Evil are still living in the past, thinking that they can continue bull****ting players with such ridiculous mechanics.
Jun Takeuchi himself said in an interview that the whole 'stand & shoot' nonsense was meant to "create tension".

Sorry but I don't buy all that anymore.

To me, Resident Evil 5's saving grace was it's online co-op mode.
If it wasn't for that, I would have not bothered touching the game after getting my trophies.