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I am now the leader of the New Gaming Timeline Union....again!

Well fellow gamers it seems that im the leader ofthe New Gaming Timeline Union yet again. I didnt take too much interest after i resigned in the first place but now that im a leader of a union again ill take more interest. Ill be nothing compared to the previous leader,Whoozah,but i'll try my best. I havent been a very good officer or leader when i was leader in the first place but im sorry about that...i have a laptop now and will try to be on everyday since i have something that brings me to this website. Ill try my very best to continue bringing the union into the future and if something goes wrong please help me out and we'll work in a team. Thank you everyone.

New Games!

Hey guys! sorry its been so long but i've been uber busy...i thought ill drop by and at least update my blog...anyway I got Super Smash Bros. for the wii and if anyone will give me their friend code we can play together! I finally got every single character! Also i got Xbox Live up and running so u can drop by and send me a message using silver so i cant really do anything but i should get gold soon...also i preordered Naruto Ultimate Ninja 3 for the im excited and that should keep me drop by and send a message anytime!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hey ya'll! Merry Christmas everyone! I finally have my own computer so i'll be on more often. I hope you all have a safe and merry Christmas and a happy New year! :D:lol::P;)8)

Finally my B-Day!

Yay! it is finally my birthday!!! so far I got "Legend of Zelda:Phantom Hourglass" and Persona 3. I've been borrowing my brothers up to this point. I got a whole bunch of Naruto stuff and Im just really thrilled. Best of all,I got an xbox 360,a cell phone,and a desk. Happy Birthday To Me!

Gaming Timeline union

Ok,im here to talk about a union called the Gaming Timeline union. It is about the video games and consoles from many years ago that brought us to where we are today in video gaming. We can talk about old-school gaming or we can talk about the modern games and consoles. You should join today!

Awesome game

Yo what up? This weekend I got introduced to one of my new favorite games,Bioshock. I was so thrilled with the game,I just had to write a blog on it. My oldest brother let me play it on his xbox 360,and man was I impressed. From the insane graphics to the Big Daddys,also called Mr.Bubbles by the little sisters,this game was great all around. If you are looking for a great new awesome 360 game,Bioshock is the way to go! (man,I sound like a commercial)


Yo whats up? I just wanted to say sorry to everyone that tries to contact me. I've been so swamped with homework and school so if you ever leave me a message I will try to read it as soon as I can.

Pokemon Fever

What up? Gee wiz,my second blog is finally here!

For over a week I have been stuck without internet and hardly any TV.(Gasp!) I was in the boondocks of Pennsylvania to visit my grandma and I decided to dig out my pokemon sapphire and "pokemon fever" struck with a vengence. I guess I missed technology more than I thought. Later I decided to get pokemon Ruby to go along with my sapphire. I know you must think i'm crazy to get Ruby instead of the more modern Diamond and Pearl. Well I now want to get all of the pokemon I can find in Ruby and Sapphire. I plan to get emerald soon. Then I thought that I want to get all of the pokemon in Firered and Leafgreen. Then finally after that I will get diamond and pearl. By that time it will probably be in the bargin bin. Imagine what being stuck in the boondocks can do to you.

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