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My Car Audio System is FINISHED! (pics and video)

I finished up the box and ended up cutting about three feet of sheet metal from my trunk to fit it inside (it's a pretty tight fit, another inch and it wouldn't have fit).

Pics (these are different from the last blog):

Amp 1 Amp 2 Amp 3

Head Unit 1 Head Unit 2 Head Unit 3

Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4


This is a quick video I made today (sorry for the bad camera handling). You can't really tell how loud it is in the video because my camera completely distorts the sound, but it is LOUD. Will EASILY blow away any Sony Xplod POS at a quarter volume. The sound quality is also VERY accurate and clean (something else that was lost when recording).


Edit: I re-adjusted the level of the amp to better match the sub's power capacity and it is MUCH louder now. I will make a video in the next few days, it is just insane.

My new AMAZING car audio system

Well, maybe not that amazing. But still pretty impressive.

Now that I don't play video games I have so much extra money. I go out a lot more now so I decided my car audio system needed an overhaul. I know my car is a POS but I really don't care because when it breaks I'm taking all this equipment out and putting it in the next vehicle.

Amp: Lanzar OPTI2000D This thing puts out over 1500 watts RMS at 1 ohm
Sub: Fi BL 15" w/ cooling, flatwind, and pole chamfer This sub can handle over 1000 watts RMS (I am actually putting 1500 into it, which is why I needed cooling). 10X more powerful than anything you can buy at Best Buy (the only way to get this sub is to order it from the manufacturer, custom built)
Deck: Pioneer DEH-P6900UB
Probably the least impressive part of the setup but still a great head unit


Head Unit Head Unit Outputs

Amp 1 Amp 2

Sub 1 Sub 2 Sub 3 Sub 4

Battery Wiring (I have to use 1/0 gauge for all the wiring because there is going to be so much power running through it)

I am currently in the process of building the enclosure for the sub (bought a 4'x8' sheet of .75in birch today), but I'm running into some difficulties finding a box size that will fit through the opening of my trunk. I have a massive trunk but the actual opening into the trunk is pretty small.

I plugged in the sub today to test it without an enclosure and it was absolutly amazing. SO loud and it made my headlights and gauge lights dim to the beat of the music (my alternator is pretty old its going to have a hard time keeping up with these power demands haha)

I will be sure to post more pics (and some videos) when this project is done.

Done with video games

I spent a 3 day school trip camping and connecting with nature and I had a lot of time to think about my life- and realize that I didn't like the way it was going. I decided that I needed a change- a big change. I decided to stop playing video games- forever. This shocked everybody when I told them since video games had practically become my life, but I was serious and I had full intention of following through.

So here I am, on September 25 with Halo 3 available sitting at home not playing it and perfectly content. I really would have never thought that this would happen. Even three weeks ago I was almost losing sleep over Halo 3 I was so excited.

If you don't like the way your life is going, change something. You would be amazed at what can happen.

PS: This story is 100% truthful. I have had plenty of people not believe me but if you must check my liveye and you will see that I haven't played in about two weeks.

Well... I'm Back

I am back from a 7-day suspension that really wasn't very fun. I had something in my sig that said "Halo 3 Release date Confirmed," and when you clicked on it you started tracking me. I thought it was just some harmless fun but I guess somebody got really offended and reported it and I suppose GameSpot mods aren't too forgiving... lol.

Host advantage in Gears is getting pretty crazy

I usually play Annex 2 round games and get about 30 kills off host. Yesterday I decided to host and I got 83 kills in the exact same game on the same map playing against the same people (and I haven't hosted in over two months, so I really wasn't even used to it). I sniped for less than 5 minutes and I got 14 head shots. Every single person I saw I no-scoped without a problem. Every person I saw close range I blew up in one shot with the shotgun. I probably died about 3 times the entire game, just because I completely ran out of ammo on all of my weapons and I had to resort to only melee.

This is just ridiculous. People complain about glitching, but IMO host advantage is FAR more unfair/helpful to the person who has it. When I was playing, all I could think of was Halo and Juggernaut. I felt like I was unstoppable and had some cheat codes enabled or something. Epic NEEDS to do something about this.  It is really ruining multiplayer IMO.

What do you guys think?

zomg DEEPFISH announced for Windows Mobile Devices!!!

MS just made their huge announcement, and like usual, they didn't dissapoint!!! Have you always wanted to surf the web on your Windows Mobile Device, but never had a browser that was cool enough to handle it? Well now there is a browser up to the task!!! It is none other than DEEPFISH!! Not only is the name SWEEET, it is an amazing browser, too!! (based on the already amazingly superior Internet Explorer!)

What is so good about DEEPFISH you ask?? Well, The Deepfish Technology Preview enhances existing mobile browsing technologies by displaying content in a view that is closer to the desktop experience. It's zoom-able interface and cue map allow you to quickly access the information you care about over the web without ever losing track of where you are.

Are you excited yet?? I know I am!! Screw the Halo 3 beta, this is WAY better news!!

If you are anticipating DEEPFISH as much as I am, grab a download here




[spoiler] /sarcasm [/spoiler]

#3 in the world on Heavy Weapon

It is a game for the XBLA. Me and 3 other people played co-op and we currently have the top time on two different leaderboards (War Party and Arms Race; I am ranked 3 on both). I just got the game two days ago too, I am pretty amazed at how fast I picked it up.