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afterermath of the friday the 13th buffalo snowstorm

it was a total mess friday. the city got over 2 feet of snow. 2 people died in car accidents, and a police officer died when he had a tree fall on him while clearing the road for trucks going to restore power. half the city (500,000 people) were without water and power for a day, it was bad when it got down to 32 degrees overnight. it wasnt bad where i live (north buffalo) we only got about 2 inches and we didnt lose power, but in the city it was just bad.

it snowed today

yes, no lie, here in buffalo NY we had about a half inch of snow. right now its 40 degrees (the high was 44) but it got down to 37 earlier. and tonight its going to be 30 degrees with more snow. BUT ITS ONLY OCTOBER 12TH!!!!! THERE ISNT SUPOST TO BE SNOW!!!!! heck, in alaska we didnt get snow until holloween. its really wierd.

im back!!!

yep, thats right, im back. well, its been about a month since the last time ive been on, but i have my reasons. #1 our computer got a virus and it crashed. #2 we finally moved into our new house. so i have been quite busy. well, i should stay on here normally from now on, see ya

proud owner of an xbox 360!!!

yes, thats right! today i got my 360! and i am already addicted to PDZ! its great, i just have to save a little more for the memory unit, and then save up for test drive unllimited.

my first xbox 360 purchase.

today i bought perfect dark zero at circuit city for 19.99. it was a good price, so i decide to get it. well, next week i should have enough for my 360. so, soon, i will be a proud 360 owner

the countdown is on!!!

well, pretty soon my grandma is giving all us grandkids 500 bucks! well, it stemmed from when my grandpa died. he said that he wanted to give us each some money after he died. so she said she will give it to us in a couple of weeks. so in 2 weeks i shall get my 360! i went to go buy PDZ today because it was on sale for 19.99 at sears, but they were all out. so i will have to keep my eye out for great deals involving the system and games.

i hate wal-mart

WAL-MART SUCKS!!!! i hate it! i never have liked it. it just sucks! today i went to the cheektowaga wal-mart (which is the worst god forsaken hellhole on earth) to get a new itunes card. well, guess what. of course wal-mart cashiers are the slowest creatures on earth, so we had no choice to get in that lane. so then she scanned my card and other items, and we left. well, when i go on itunes to redeem the card, it says that it has not been verified. so, as mad as i am already, we head back to satans gift shop. so, after we passed the drunk hobos in the parking lot, the arguing women also in the parking lot, and the sprawling welfare queens, we get to customer service. and then i tell them what happened. then the dumba** employee accuses me of stealing it. so i show her the reciept and she says that the cashiers verify all cards at purchase. so i say fine. then i leave before i go postal. tomorrow i will go back and see what other employee's say. but i have always hated wal-mart.  i really miss fred meyer. that was the best store ever! but now, i  worry about it because in wasilla ak. guess what wally world is opening a new supercenter there. and fred meyer may be affected huge by this event. and in alaska there are a ton of welfare queens who multiply like rats so the lazy a**es can sponge off of the govt. GOOD GOD!!! i just hate wal-mart. go to hell wal mart. 

hmmm.... odd

ok, this is an old bottle of what WAS tea drink mix. well, we found it when we were cleaning out my grandma's cabinets. it must of fell off the shelf  a while ago. well, look what happened to it. it turned black and stuck the the spoon inside. it kinda looks like charcoal. judge for yourself.

in "da hood"

yep, we are still waiting for the closing of our new house. so, we have been living with my granny or "nanie" as us grand kids call her. and she lives in what i guess you could call "da hood". she lives off e. delavan ave. here in buffalo, although the neighborhood isnt that bad yet, its getting there. oh well, a few weeks to go.