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Becoming a Youtuber.

I'm becoming a youtuber, where I will make trailers for my fan created games with links, music uploasds from actual games, funny skits or whatever else i think of, etc. I won't be on gspot anymore sadly, but i will be on youtube

Things need for the BK fangame.

For any who wish to help with the BK Fangame, please send the requested items to I will keep up a list that i will frequently edit for things i need, and give credit to suppliers as well. Thanks to everyone who helps, you'll be in the credits too ;) I will not post any blogs until this list is done. PS: If something has OC at the end, it means original creation, which means you need to create it, so don't steal it from someone else! Lol.

SFX: Flip Flap (Banjo-Kazooie) -

SFX: Feathery Flap -

SFX: Blue Egg Fired -

SFX: Fire Egg Fired -

SFX: Grenade Egg Fired -

SFX: Ice Egg Fired -

SFX: Clockwork Kazooie Egg Fired -

SFX: Proximity Egg Fired -

SFX: Golden Egg Fired -

SFX: Battery Egg Fired -

SFX: Water Egg Fired OC -

SFX: Blue Egg Selected -

SFX: Fire Egg Selected -

SFX: Greande Egg Selected -

SFX: Ice Egg Selected -

SFX: Clockwork Kazooie Egg Selected -

SFX: Proximity Selected -

SFX: Golden Egg Selected -

SFX: Water Egg Selected OC -

SFX: Beak Barge -

SFX: Rat-a-tat Rap -

SFX: Talon Trot -

SFX: Banjo Jumps -

SFX: Kazooie Jump -

SFX: Mumbo Jump -

SFX: Mumbo Zap -

SFX: Fire Feather Collected OC -

SFX: Ice Feather Collected OC -

SFX: Dark Feather Collected OC -

BGM: Giant's Lair OC -

BGM: Mount Fire Eyes OC -

BGM: Hammerhead Beach OC -

BGM: Witchyworld 2 OC -

BGM: Glitter Gulch Mine 2 OC -

BGM: Cloud Cuckooland Inside the Zubba Hive -

BGM: Weird Wild West OC -

Spritesheet: Banjo 2D Sidescroller Moveset:

Icons: Fire, Ice, & Dark Feathers Single OC (Base off of BK icon) -

Icon: Water Egg OC (Base off Tooie egg icons) -

I'm making a Banjo-Kazooie fan game.

I'm making a Banjo-Kazooie fan game and could use some help. It will feature every character, level, and item in the Banjo series, including DKR (and the remake that didnt include Banjo), and S&SASR. I need help with designing and stuff, as much help from the gspot community as possible would be helpfull, this is gonna be hard

New Union

I'm starting a new union completely from scratch for all of the fan-games and game guides im making

PS: I decided not to leave and forgot about the wiki

EDIT: since i just left as leader of my old union, it wont start for another 30 days