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Didn't get to play for a moment today. Now Wrestlemania is on but there is always tomorrow but tomorrow isn't promied.

Return of a Best Friend!!!

Got a PS3 back about 3 weeks ago and a clean hard drive. Now have to play all PS3 games again which ain't cool. Sony needs to do a better job with thier customers. Don't make sense asking me if I want my system back if you know you ain't gonna give it back to me and then you don't even respect me enough to tell me what was wrong with it. But I'm back in action wihich is the main thing but very disappointed in Sony's lack of care for me (The Customer).

Death of a Best Friend !!!!

Well I lost my Best Friend. My PS3 is dead and needs to go in for service. Won't turn on for nothing and they can't do anything over the phone. Might be a month but hopefully not.

Batman CompleteD !!!

I finally finished Batman Arkham last night or this morning. Got to decide whether to play as Joker or Armored Batman. Really it's time to sink my teeth into Dead Space 2 since I finally got it last Thursday a week late.

Dead Space 2 on hold

Can't believe this snow we had messed up my games arrival. UPS still can't get my package into Brooklyn. Sitting out in Long Island since Thursday. Went to NJ & came right back to Long Island. It's UPS fault since they can't sort correctly. Now my Dead Space 2 is waiting for it's union with me.

Gamers Weather Advisory!!!!!

This is the perfect time to relax, kick back and catch up on your favorite games. If you want you may shovel first or save for later. If you are caught up then just pull out a pile of games and just get at them. Nothing else is more important today than that (house work, shower, food, kids, pets etc). Maybe the food part was a little much but you understand the concept. Go Gamers and reek Havoc !!!

Dead Space 2 - Incoming !!!

Can't wait for Dead Space 2 to come in the house. Looking forward for the sequel to be a step up from the starter. A lot of people slept on it but i was a big advocate for the game. Even voted at least twice last year for best new game. Can't wait to see what they have in store for me and Isaac :twisted:

Black Ops Completed !

This game was awesome from all angles. The story was from the 70's and the format ridiculous. Everyone needs to get a copy but the best part is the remote car so you can go on your own missions.

Completed Medal of Honor

Completed Medal of Honor the Saturday after it came out. Is it me or was this game a waste. Now I have to wait a week for Black Ops to come out. Seemed like they didn't have an original idea of their own. Please tell me the online play is worth something. I took a peek and it seems to be the same thing all over again but Trophies with it.