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Hm. Well, it looks like I'll have to add one more game to my list. Damn. There's way too many that I want already, so I was kinda hoping that this would be a disappointment. I've actually never played a Deus Ex game before, but after hearing so many people get hyped for it, I checked out the CGI trailer, which looked gorgeous, and then I saw some gameplay, which, in comparison with the CGI trailer, looked pretty bad. However, for games like this, looks can be deceiving. Other examples are Fallout and Oblivion. Fallout 3 had no ADS, which I hated, and Oblivion's first-person sword combat looked weird, but after hearing everyone say how good they were, I got them and loved them both.

Deus Ex 3 is certainly the kind of game that will impress you based on it's gameplay and story rather than graphics. I'm sure you'd find yourself liking it as much as Obliviou and Fallout 3.
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This is great news. Now Sucker Punch needs to make an awesome open world Vita game!
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[QUOTE="Black_Knight_00"][QUOTE="fl4tlined"][QUOTE="Black_Knight_00"] And Splinter Cell does stealth better than any Metal Gear. There... I said it. Now I'll go hide where you guys can't find me

i dunno i personally thought the 2 recent mgs and splinter cell games have sidetracked from stealth as now its almost a secondary to the shooting..

Splinter Cell Conviction invented action stealth, it's still stealth but based around fast movements and quick kills rather than slow, methodical evasion. MGS4 at its core is still the same MGS we know and love, the difference being the environments: instead of scarcely patrolled corridors and forests you're now have to traverse combat zones filled with hostile soldiers. In both games you can just run and gun, but to get the full stealth experience, try playing on the hardest difficulty, you'll be forced to avoid detection

I agree. I like the MGS's story more, but I think SC does stealth better than MGS. I also agree with Conviction. It was still stealth, just a faster paced kind of stealth action. Although I have to admit, I'd love to see more of Chaos Theory's style of stealth back into the franchise.
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Anyone that brings up the PC Gamer Dragon Age 2 review needs to come off it. That review was done by a totally different reviewer. There is more than one person at PC Gamer that reviews games :/. Tom Senior reviewed Deus Ex Rich McCormick reviewed Dragon Age 2