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Dale Earnhardt Jr. to name sponsor and number on Wednesday!

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It's becoming a reality....

Dale Jr. will announce Wednesday Sept 19th (in Dallas, Tx) his new major sponsor and car number!

I think we all know what it is going to be (shouldn't be a big surprise).

Marty Smith on "NASCAR NOW" reports that it will most likely be Pepsi Cola Company's "MOUNTAIN DEW" and "MOUNTAIN DEW AMP" along with some occasional other major sponsors such as "The United States National Guard", and the car number should be the 81 or 88. So all you with the "8" tattoos will easily be able to edit your skin canvas!!

So, with him not in the chase this year, Dale obviously turned his attention towards next season immediately.

Imagine what this will do for Jr's marketing rating! I know *I* will be getting all new gear!

Details can be found at the link below:




Don't be too quick to pass judgement

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EA Sports


Good thing changing your mind is not a crime! If so, I would be in the slammer!

Like most gaming sites on the internet (as well as most users), I too was quick to rate this game. BIG MISTAKE. (for ALL ous)

Sure it has it's little flaws, but what game don't? My biggest complaint is that there is no head-to-head (split screen) racing on here! I don't know how they can create a game this day and age with no same console multiplayer. My opinion is so it would improve the sales of ONLINE subscriptions. That may work.

After I played NASCAR 08 for awhile, I started to become more and more attracted by the TRUE TO LIFE racing that it has to offer.

Setups play a huge factor in deciding whether you get a top 10 or HIT THE WALL HARD. So if you are having troubles enjoying this game, concentrate more on setting up your ride!

I could probably go on and on, but I just wanted to bring up one good feature as well as a bad one (to be fair).

My main objective here was just to warn you not to be so stern on this game at first...give it some laps. You may not regret buying this one!

So in conclusion, I went from DNF to HAPPY HOUR for EA Sport's NASCAR 08!

Ps. I would like to apologize to Justin (sydthekid087), for bashing this game so much! (but THAT was fun!)