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GMES Top 10 Games Of The Generation

GMES Top 10 Games Of The Generation I know, I know. Just ten? Seems like a herculean task. For the all the flak I give this generation for going a bit long in the tooth in the tail end it has by far got to by one of the best video game eras we have had. Nevermind all the bad things, what matters most is the games. What matters at the end of the day is the quality software you pop into your machine, that magical place a true masterpiece of a videogame can transport you to. This is our place. Mine, yours, everyone who loves videogames. No other media can reach the levels of immersion and experiences we can get. I always said the best games really take you somewhere. Let you see, hear, feel and experience things that would be otherwise completely missed in most peoples day to day ordinary lives. The catch is that it doesnt have to be the graphics, the artstyle, the number of polygons on screen that accomplish this. Gameplay itself can take you to that place as well. That one serene spot where everything clicks and you think to yourself. Yeah.... this is it right here, this is what its all about. I know also that the generation isnt over yet but it more or less is. The only games this year that I could see making this list maybe are Bioshock Infinite and GTA V. Well as good as im sure they will be im gonna hedge my bets anyways and go with what has tickled me pink so far. I had to leave out a lot of good games from this list. I mean im not just talking about culling the wheat from the chaff, I mean leaving piles of it behind for someone else to champion. For me this is my list, my best of the best. This list is not in any way supposed to be objective, so keep that in mind. Anyways enough with the blabbing lets get onto the list! First a look at my top 10 almost made it list, then on to the real thing: Top 10 Almost Made The List: Amnesia: The Dark Descent Assassins Creed 2 Borderlands 2 Call Of Duty: Black Ops Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Dead Rising Infamous Silent Hill Homecoming Skyrim The Walking Dead 10. Super Meat Boy  If you are an early generation gamer, say a NES or a SNES child, then chances are high that you grew up cutting your teeth on platformers. That was truly the golden age for the genre. The pinacle of which in my opinion was Super Mario Brothers 3. As gaming (and gamers) aged more and more platformers became less and less relevant, or just recycled and uninteresting. After many years without a truly great platforming title, here we are. This is, in my opinion the greatest platformer of the entire generation, and I would say almost the greatest platformer of all time. There were a few other great platformers this generation dont get me wrong. Im sure most of you reading this are like uuuummm Mario Galaxy motherfvcker its a thing. Donkey Kong Country Returns was also pretty damn amazing. Meatboy to me was just pure magic though. I have never, ever, ever in my entire life felt so proud of having beat a videogame as when I beat the final level in this. Angels floated down from on high, cascading me in sparkling fountains of celebratory beer, a marching band strolled by my house trumpeting my praises, and in a sheer aura of awesomeness ladies for miles around were impregnated by my greatness. Yeah this game was that hard. That is what made it FUN though. Somewhere in this generation we lost sight of that feeling of accomplishment gained through overcoming great adversity and were lulled into handholding me too cinematic experiences, while not necessarily bad left a gaping void waiting to be filled. The entire first world of this game is basically teaching you everything you the skillset you need to conquer later levels. The level design is brilliant, and you never feel like you have been cheated because the controls are so perfect. They need to be for a game this demanding. For what started as a flash game spirialed into a huge success for Team Meat who at the time of making this were just two or three guys. If you grew up with the generations of old and even have a passing interest in platformers you owe it to yourself to play this. You will need a set of big brass testes to finish it, but you should certainly see what all the fuss is about. Dont worry Dvader im sure one day youll be as good at platformers as I am. 9. Street Fighter IV  Before this game was released fighting games were in a long dormant slumber. Some would argue they were dead, other on life support, regardless though they were really missing from the mainstream for quite sometime. Then SONIC BOOM. This badboy was released. Just as Street Fighter 2 really launced the genre into sucess back in the day it managed to accomplish the same this generations later. This game isnt just good, it is easily one of my favorite all time fighters. Sporting a slick new cel shaded artstyle, a great online mode (in which I recieved many insults and death threat messages from surly 14 year olds) fantastic controls, tons of fighters this game was the ultimate package. When it came out me and a couple friends would try to get together a lot for nights of drinking and fighting. Lots of great memories from this game. I will kick your ass with Blanka anyday! 8.) Dragon Age Origins  One of my favorite RPGS on the whole generation and a real return to form for Bioware. Well at least until they sh1t over themselves with the sequel (but hey 3 should be awesome!) this game was a unique, interesting fantasy world with interesting characters. Alistar, Morrigan, that dwarf that farted a lot... so awesome. The gameplay was a lot of fun with its semi tactical nature, pausing and issuing orders and choosing from many fun spells and abilities made the combat always interesting. The locations were diverse and the plot was deep and interesting. The lore was really fun to dive into as well. Not a whole lot else to say about this one other than I played through it like three times, which is something almost unheard of for me to do. 7.) Heavy Rain  This game gets so much hate. I feel like a lot of people just dont get it It is hard to put my finger on just what it is that makes it one of my favorite games of the generation but it does so many things right. First of all I felt like I was taking place in an interactive serial killer movie the entire time. It was exciting, fresh and new! The gameplay was intriguing and I really enjoyed the franticness and epicness (for lack of a better term) that some of the scenarios exhibted. Like being trapped underwater in a car while being tied up. Oh crap, oh crap you dont got long... what to do ..... then boom. Failure means you are dead and you continue on the story without that character. This gave the whole game such a tense and exciting feeling to it. The graphics were amazing, the story was great, the gameplay was fun and it was one of those rare games that felt like it was actually made for adults and not teenagers living out power fantasys of shooting wave after wave of cardboard cutout enemys in a sh1t story barely there just to hold the violence together. This was different, and it worked. I cannot wait to see what else this team does. 6.) Fallout 3  This was probably the best RPG of the entire generation. Yeah the story wasnt very good I know, blah blah build the worlds biggest brita water filter, blah blah. But it just dosent really hold this game back. The locations and dungeons are all unique and well designed, the lore is great and the characters are awesome. Howabout a huge shootout with a gang in a ruined supermarket, a school, a church.... or washington overrun with gatling gun weilding supermutants. From the great V.A.T.S gameplay (shoot off enemy limbs) to the fantastic leveling system (perks are all fun) to the moral choices, to the vast amount of exploration and immersion this is a game you can get lost in for a long time. 5.) Demon Souls  This game came out of nowhere and floored a lot of people. This game hates you and wants you dead. This game is brilliant and is worth the sharp learning curve. Sporting a hub area called the nexus players took one of five portals to different levels spread across the land in a quest to..... umm... Yknow... mend the world and stuff? Ok I never got the story to this game at all ( or its sequel... bonfires = good?) but the gameplay is what is king here. Sporting incredible combat that stresses paitence and caution instead of headlong rushing, varied and tough boss battles ( diiiiiiieee maneater!) a fun magic system, incredible atmosphere, immersive graphics... this game is an instant classic. Like Super Meat Boy it does away with the handholding. Whiny casual gamers should stay clear, this game is for someone who wants a challenge and the feeling of pure accomplishment and greatness that comes with clearing it. 4.) Resident Evil 5  Oh em gee I love this fvcking game. /gush. No seriously this is another game that get copious amounts of hate that I just dont get. It is everything RE4 was only better. I played through this game FOUR TIMES BACK TO BACK. I dont think I have ever done that with a game before or since. The graphics are crisp and sexy, the gameplay is RE4 dialed to 11 and then injected with steroids (no really im pretty sure chris boulder punching roidrage has a d1ck the size of a baby carrot now) and the immersion is high. The story is silly but fun, bringing closure to the long running RE storyline. Wesker was one of the greatest villians of the generation, and his boss fights in this game were pure amazing. I still attest that the coop aspect of this game was unessecary (noone gives a sh!t about Sheva lets be honest) but that does not hold back what is here at all. This game is a masterpiece, probably better than part four, and easily destroys part six. 3.) Deus Ex Human Revolution  Wow. That is this game in one word. Some of the best stealth all generation, one of the better stories, adult gameplay and situations. Meaningful choices and interesting characters and setting. Its hard to say anything about the game that hasnt already been said but I mostly enjoyed sneaking up behind b!tches and giving them the dirtnap. This game like almost no other this generation makes you feel like a badass, while still being vulnerable and having to be careful. It is a huge rush ghosting through areas, or taking people out alike. You get a variety of powers and augmentations that you can upgrade in any order you want, whether its seeing through walls, punching through walls (lol hulk smash grrr), falling from any height, jumping higher...etc. This game is damn near perfect and helped fill the hole of actual adult games made for adults that has persisted so much for the generation. 2.) Bioshock  Unrivaled atmosphere and immersion. An awesome story featuring one of the most interesting locations in all of gaming. Fantastic use of powers and special abilitys. Great exploration. Everything about this game was fun (ok the ending was wrinkled ballsacks) That did not take away from the pure bliss and enjoyment of the game that came before it however 1. Uncharted 2  I had to think hard on what was the most fun this generation for me. It is hard enough even trying to quantify fun into a measurable thing to be analyzed and weighed against other fun but after some thought here it is. In my opinion the best game of this generation. Interestingly I thought the first game was only just ok, and didnt bother to play the sequel for quite some time. Thankfully my younger brother pestered me enough to give the game a chance because wow. The differences between the first game and the sequel are night and day. This game feels like you are playing through an Indiana Jones movie (if Indy was to murder about 400 more people than usual that is) It has the best opening section to a game probably ever. Awesome graphics, gameplay, incredible setpiece scenarios that are exciting and diverse. This is it guys (and gals) this is why we play videogames so that once every few years or so we can experience that perfection, that pure magic of being in a near flawless game. Also Cloe. I would so hit it.

Waxing Nostalgic: The PS1 Era

So instead of finding something dumb to growl about (Calvin Klein Ads on Youtube that keep telling me to push it. Push what? You? Off a cliff? Into Shark Infested Waters? And they have rabies? And Fleas? And are horny?) *cough* anyways I figured I would write a more fun blog and bring back the classics with a patented caaarazy GME retrospective on perhaps my favorite era and system in gaming: The PS1. Lets rewind gentle readers to the magical land of yesteryear, its 1995, Clinton is tearing up the whitehouse with his sexophone (lol see wut I did thar), OJ Simpson is having the worlds slowest police chase on live TV (I still remember watching that) and you had a the release of the Playstation. It may have been 1994 it came out actually but the year isn't important! What's important is the age. We are pre cellphone, pre mass internet..... pre Jersey Shore. [Cue theater trailer advertisement voice] *In a world without Snooki...* My very first experience with the Playstation was renting it (remember doing that) from the video store (and these?) with my brother. We also rented Ridge Racer and I think The Bouncer. We were both pretty impressed with the game (Ridge Racer not so much Bouncer) and the system overall. A few months later one of my best friends was first to get the system, it wouldn't be until a year or so later that I got mine and man did we play a lot Of Kings Field. Kings Field was a first person rpg made by From Software that would spank Demons Souls upside down and sideways and then teabag it. I still remember getting murdered by living trees and to this day I keep my distance from all trees. Coniferous? Mo like conspicuous. Here are some of the games I remember the most from the PS1 era: Resident Evil Remember the PS1 longboxes and the badass artwork this game had? Chris Redfield on the front cover has like the angry rrrr Doom guy face and it looks nothing like him, but it's still awesome. Ahhh man Resident Evil, god this game was so good back in it's day!! I remember the classic running down the long hallway... "there sure are a lot of windows here" *CRASH* *eaten by a dog* YOU ARE DEAD. lol WTF just happened? My controller is on the other side of the room and I may have peed myself a little. Ooooh dirty Capcom. I remember just being terrible at the game for several tries at it, running out of ammo, getting stuck forever on a puzzle. So many great memories of this game. The sequel of course was even better, and a game that was played in our circle for years. I still remember running to the police station without killing a single zombie in order for the special helicopter zombie guy to appear (and he had a key or something) Tomb Raider 3 Tomb Raider 3 was one of the first games I ever owned for the system (renting and borrowing from friends was big), and man do I fvcking hate that game. This was the first Tomb Raider game I ever played, it was a popular series and I got it as a gift from my dear old mom for a birthday a think. You pop the game in and the first damn level literally has you sliding down a hill, you have three seconds to press jump or you fall into a spike pit and die. lol. WTF. I just pressed start and now i'm dead. This sets the precedent for the rest of the game too. Prepare to leap blindly off cliffs to your imminent demise as the camera dances around wildly like a drunk zebra on fire. Final Fantasy 7 I remember my friends older cousin being the first to have it and WHOLLY SH1T 3 DISCS THIS GAME IS AWESOME. We sat floored by the cinematics, excited by the gameplay and generally enthralled. We took turns playing the game into the late hours of the night gettiing out of Midgar on our first go. I still remember the laughs we had during the crossdressing part with cloud. FF7 isn'y my favorite RPG (or even my favorite FF hello 3) but it was a magical game for its time. It is up there with some of my favorite jrpgs. Metal Gear Solid I first got my hands on this game from a demo disk that came in an official playstation magazine. The demo only let you play up to the point to where you get into the facility but man I must have played it hundreds of times. I was all over this game the first chance I got to have it and it is still a masterpiece and one of my favorite games. This may come as a surprise to some as I hate the modern Metal Gear Franchise a lot, but the early ones were perfection. This game... DIS GAYME. It had this engaging storyline, that at times a little crazy played out like a great action movie. You had so much innovation and love in this game. The boss battles are still talked about today. Everyone remembers their first time against Mantis and what no internet? Man you were stuck on him for a while! I remember sneaking up to guards and planting c4 on their backs and then randomly blowing them up... ahhh this game. Driver I played this one before Grand Theft Auto i'm pretty sure. And man does this game really feel like realistic driving. The car chases in this were NUTS. This game was soo much fun. This was one of my favorite games for the system I played through it so many times. Sometimes when you got going at really high speeds the physics would go crazy and you had this "record" option to record part of your runs or whatever for fun. I remember the last level is driving the president to a safe spot in his big ass clumsy limo and secret service coming at you at 400 miles an hour, sometimes the physics would go nuts and they would hit you juuuust right while you were full speed going down a hill and you would catapault spiraling into the stratosphere and reappear like two dozen blocks away upside down. MISSION FAILED. Breath Of Fire 3 Fishing! This game had the best fishing minigame ever! I literally put 50 hours of my life into just fishing with this game. It was awesome. They sold for lots of money and healed you if you ate them so it gave me quite an edge to have so many tunas. Another fun thing about this game is that at the very end you are wandering around the same three areas over and over stuck inside your characters mind and there was only one solution to progress to the end of the game. Are you ready for this? You had to set the controller down for five minutes and not touch any buttons or literally do anything, and an event would occur that took you to the end. It took me and my friend over a year to beat this game, remember pre internet and we knew noone else who played it. I gave up completely, but he would try playing it a couple hours a week to try and figure out what to do. One day he says "fvck this game imma take a dump" and throws the controller in the corner and leaves the system on. After the time elapsed the character started talking and was teleported so I was like "umm your game just played itself and you are in a new area wtf" Cue my friend running out of the bathroom pants down tripping over himself to see. Almost a year of playing the same three screens and all you had to do was nothing for 5 minutes.. They don't make games like this anymore! :P I'll end this here cause I don't want this to get too long but there are so many games I missed its ridiculous. I could talk about how fun playing horse in Tony Hawk was, Triple Triad card game in Final Fantasy 8 that I got every card for and spend 100 hours on, Suikoden 2 and it's great story, Burning sheeps bums in Spyro The Dragon, impaling fools in Legacy Of Kain: Soulreaver, that godamn saggitarius puzzle in Silent Hill that I was stuck on for months and soo much more. The PS1 is probably the most legendary console of all time, I would argue only the SNES has the balls to stand next to it. So how about it, were you a PS1 fan? What are some of your great memories surrounding the system? Will there ever be a system this good again? I leave with the wisdom of Snooki:

What I Want/Don't Want From Next Generation

So meandering around all bored like I figured I would actually make a blog for a change. Someone alert the media. I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone wants or doesn't want from the next console generation. I'm still not sure if I'm gonna go completely PC only or not next generation, but for the time being I have some interest in a new xbox. Here is what Id like to see, and what id like to see set on fire: Want: All of xbox live arcade to seamlessly transition to the next system. All of my games, all of the current games for sale, everything. I have over fifty something arcade games, and I don't want to always own a 360 just to have access to them. There should be no technical reason that there can't be a full transition of the whole shebang. I expect this, and to be honest will be pretty pissed if it doesn't happen. Keep achievements around. They are a huge success. Most people enjoy them. I don't mind having my score reset, but I hope to see these carry overl. Give archangel a negative score, cause that dude has more achievements than schwarzenneger has pregnant maids. First party games? Remember these? Not sure what the hell you guys are thinking Microsoft but Sony is pointing at you right now and laughing at how small it is.. I'm not a Forza fan (though some enjoy it so good on those that do) I think at this point it would be more fun to wipe my d1ck on a cheese grater then play Halo 14 or whatever the next one is. And um... oh yeah Gear Of War.... milks running dry guys. /rick james b!tch, (PS maybe have Rare studios do something besides naked jello midget wrestling or whatever the fvck they have been doing for the past 10 years besides being walking catatonic mouth drooling failures.) Stable hardware. This is not asking much. Huge design mistakes were made before, don't make them again. If my new $9999 machine breaks this time I will strap explosives to live rabid squirrels and then have them hunt for acorns up your bum. We all enjoy happy happy furry rodent probing hour (tm) from time to time, but an exploding rabid one? How about something off the wall and not done before but not something that will hurt games any. A built in web cam and face to face live chat options for multiplayer maybe? (Then again maybe the live community is not ready for this lol.) A freight train powerhouse of a system under the hood. Bring on $599 us dollars I want my system to be capable of launching fvcking nasa built space rockets. Think of the best looking game you can possible imagine right now. Now triple it, and that;s what I want. Breast physics the likes of which you have yet to see! Bring back pack in games. Something awesome. This is never gonna happen but hey I can dream. Maybe a really good arcade game included. Say ... oh Geometry Wars 3? Burn It With Fire: Kinect. It sucks. Here is every review of every kinect game ever: " DURR IT SUCKS JIMBOB" this things a disaster, they are seemingly incapable of creating a core experience for it (which doubles its uselessness in my eyes) I do NOT want to see these piece of steaming rabbit feces packed in with the new system adding $50 to the cost of it just because it's there. Xbox Live gold costing money. I can play a lot of the same games online on my PC for free, what am I paying you $60 for again? Oh right its a jackass tax, and that's what you should feel like everytime you pay them for something that is free on EVERY OTHER PLATFORM. Advertisements on my dashboard. Kiss my ass you money mongering whore queens. And WHY ARE THEY SO LOUD? Ever scroll over one by accident late at night, just to have horny teenagers yell at you to buy axe body spray because it gets them laid at 7000 decibels. Fun times GME Recommends: Music: Amon Amarth - Twlight Of The Thunder God Movie: Silent House, Hunger Games Game: Spelunky, The Binding Of Isaac

The GME Super Nekked Chocolate Sauce Sweepstakes!!!!

 Do you want to play a game?..... Great googley moogley ghouls n ghosts! its that time of the year again! Its time to dress up as completly weird things, and knock on random peoples doors for teh candai!!! Personally I think teh candai is old hat, so I collect restraining orders! Ill likley beat my record this year once you hear of my new outfit *teehee!* See this year I thought instead of going scary and trick, id go completly sexy and be a treat! Thats why this year im going in teh n00d covered in super sexy chocolate sauce! BUT THATS NOT ALL. For each reply in this blog that has the word "enter" in it, ill consider it one entry into my super sexy sweepsstakes! The winner will get themselves a hairy, but nekked GME covered in sexy chocolate sauce for their licking delight! I know, its crazy you're saying! Who would give out such an awesome prize?! I know, I know, im just that awesome- and im gonna make someones halloween real special--- grrrowwrr! So thats right you don't even have to say "I enter" even if you use the word enter at all ill consider it an entry in the sweepstakes! Think of it as a super sexy suprise! Lets see how many new people this blog brings that use the word enter by accident! Heehee. BUT THATS NOT ALL. This years sponsor jigsaw has graciously donated a second place prize for the runner up! A trip wire shotgun blast to the face! Hooray! *waits for the massive amount of entrys and replys*

This is NOT a gaming related blog...

PSYCHE! It totally is! :lol: I bet you feel stupid now. (Put the bat down Kelly!!) You were all like "omg im gonna click this link and its gonna be some life altering amazing experience" and then WHAM you just got hit by the psyche hammer! (Hey I should use that line on girls) "Hey baby you are gonna be real impressed by this " *zip* PSYCHE!-- It looks like a baby carrot thats been left out in the rain :( So yeah, this blog is about the oncoming nerd storm of awesome. The sheer whirlwind of happy, twirl around in your lederhosen and slap your rump roast while two supermodels have a pillow fight awesome. Im going to proclaim the games that have caught the awesome ones intrest this season (that would be me), why, and maybe just maybe there will be penguins involved. Dragonage: Origins collecters edition is bought and paid for, waiting for me like the scrumptious little cherry tart that is. Despite my reservations and outright annoyance at their day one DLC fiasco im going ahead with the purchase. I am a huge WRPG fan, and Baldurs Gate 2: Shadows Of Amn is still probably my all time favorite game. For this I simply can't pass up on what is labeled its spitual succesor. And yes, I will buy the DLC on day one like the coporate whore that I am. Bioware is the only company I believe in enough to do this for. Im still irked about it though. Borderlands is also a must purchase for me. Gorgeous graphics and looks to be a huge and varied game with lots of RPG and tactical battles and gear looting. This game looks amazing and its a shame most people are going to pass it over. Mark my words here and now, this will be a complete sales disaster of a game. Assassins Creed II I was one of the biggest detractors around here in regards to the first game and its many annoyances (mainly the repitition) but having closely followed this one it seems to fix everything that was wrong with the first game and then some. My prediction is that this is going to be one of the best games of the year. Can't wait. Modern Warfare 2 I have been following this one too. It seems they changed the respawning enemy design of the series so that right there means it will actually be good. The special ops mode looks like a lot of fun too. The graphics, story and online look very appealing. Im gonna break down and buy this one for sure. I need a good shooter. And thats about it for me this year. Anything else will likley be a rental. Although ASAP im trying to get my hands on a PS3 so I can grab Uncharted 2, Demons Soul, Heavy Rain and God Of War 3. But with xmas coming its just not in the finances till after new years. So are you looking forward to any of these games? No? You suck. Yes? Lets cuddle! Any other games grabbing your intrest this year? Whats hot and whats not for you? And this brings us to the end of the blog. So sad, play time is over. Bid farewell till next time to the awesome one. But I did say something about penguins didnt I? .....PSYCHE!! (Kelly a crossbow?!!? Seriously?!?! OMFG WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOOO OOOOWWW MY BABY CARROT :( )

Hey, remember me?

 Im that funny guy, who smells a little weird and keeps flirting with your sister. I can't help it shes cute! Besides wouldn't you want me for a brother in law? ;) Ugh. Well my forays into drinking have died down a lot, and I figured it would be good to pop back in with mah brothas and sistahs and see how life has been. Ive been working a lot and pursuing other hobbies, so I haven't been around too much. But im pretty much gonna be back now. Whats up, whats new? Besides the aforementioned work and other hobbys I haven't played a whole lot of games in the past while. I restarted PuzzleQuest and nabbed the downloadable content for it (which is pretty good) and im about halfway through that. Love that game. I played through Batman Arkham Asylum and thought it was the best game I played all year. Definetly my GOTY so far (suck on that Resident Evil 5!) And yesterday I finished Guitar Hero 5. I know, I know im such a sucker for the music games. The structure of the career mode, and the new challenges and stuff they have in the game make it the best setup gameplay wise in the series but I thought the song list just SUCKED. Like stop trying to be Rock Band with all your crappy pop songs and go back to being Guitar Hero already. Anyways, not much else to talk about at the moment. Tell your sister I said hi ;)

4 Bands. 6 Friends. 70 Kazillion Beer. 1000's Of Hot Drunk Girls. 1 Weekend.

 Ooooh finally. After long last I get to see my all time favorite band Slayer (SLLLLAAAAYYYEEERR!!!) and not only that Megadeth too. I got some 3rd row seats with a bunch of friends this weekend. I booked Friday and Monday off of work for an extra long four day weekend. Folks. Its likley I may drink myself into a world record of beer consumption. Or Jail. Or Both. I am going to start Friday morning (drunk before noon FTW!) and not stop until Monday. It will be an epic beer slugging, headbanging, road tripping, ass slapping, girl smoochin tribute to the metal gods above and below. I think I will bring a camera and take pictures, it may be the only way I remember it! So expect lots of crazy pictures of my exploits next week. For this week, I will be counting down the minutes until Thursday night and then travelling forth to the great spectacle of carnage that is to erupt!

If You Seek Amy.

All night looong and twice on Sundays! GRRRROWWR.  Is there anything hawter than a muscular man in tight leather? The answer is a surprising yes. A muscular man in tight leather that wants to dance, dance the muthaeffing night away! *cough* anyways moving right along.. *to the point of the blog of course which is..* *music starts growing louder* Omg what is that music... it sounds so horribly, horibly familiar... DEN DEN DEN DEN DA  "Did someone request hot men to dance with?" ;)  "Back off picklenuts, clearly he meant..... me. *batseyelashs*"  "Piiika pika pika pika pika pika pi pi pi pi pi piiiiii chuuu a pika paka bawr warw *wink wink* *lick*"  "Je.. ... jesus you let him do that to you? Thats disgusting!"  "Great holy spirits! A talking yellow rat, a robot and ben stiller its like we woke up in nightmare land, we're gonna YMC our A the F outta here. PEACE."  "....Pika ... pi... *blush* "  " Y hallo thar!"  " A HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!!!!"  " I .... I don't even know whats going on man im so high right now!"  " *squish squish squish*"  " *flop*"