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Cleaning Out My Closet Today

Well after years of picking up and accepting friend requests I feel it's time to trim down dramatically , I mean I have 89 friends on my list but only communicate with maybe 4 or 5 , of course I will lose my emblem but who cares about that. So for those who I drop off it's nothing personal it's just 89 is too much.

Here at Gamespot

Well I just realized while blogging about my Ipod touch that Ive now been here at Gamespot for 6 years ! Also I received my 32nd emblem "Virtually There" ! not to bad of a day ! :D

New Toy

Well I finally Joined the Masses and purchased an Ipod Touch 3g and I must admit I'm pretty impressed with all the features. As you all know not only is the sound quality outstanding but the 1000's plus apps and games are great. If any of my Friends here have any tip's trick's and or secrets please let me know again thank you and have a good one my friends !

I Turn 21 Tomorrow ! (again)

Thats right I turn 21 again tomorrow... haha ! My wife bought me more ram memory and a keg ! HELL YES ! I'll tell you guys more monday due to me healing up on sunday !

Hello PS3 Goodbye 360 !

Well after 4 + years Ive finally decided to move on to the PS3 ! Honestly it has nothing to do with the 360 , it has been a very good console for me with hardly any problems. its just with the recent price drop for the PS3 and along with the Blue-Ray player I figured now is as a good as time as any for the switch, I'm not going to keep the 360 for I don't have the need for 3 gaming consoles. So to all my friends out there if you have any ideas or recommendations for some good PS3 titles I would like to hear them ! Thanks to all and let the journey begin...:D.....God Of War III ?

Hurry Bioshock 2 (please)

Well first of all happy (late) new year to all my friends here at gamespot may this new year be the best for you. Well besides me who else is looking forward to the release of bioshock 2 ? myself , I thought the first game was game of the year and one of the few games that lived up to the hype and I really hope that bioshock 2 lives up to its counterpart (fingers crossed).