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A Request

Hi There,

i just wanted to ask you all to add me on PSN

my id is - GodGamer1995

i have the following games at the moment -

1) Singularity

2) Bioshock 2

3) God of War Collection

4) God Of War III

5) Infamous

Thanks Guys Appreciate it!!

PS3 and PSN

Hey everyone guess what i'm finally gonna get my PS3 by the end of this month and i would like those of you who have a PS3 and are on the PSN to please add me, my PSN id is GodGamer1995.

Please add

Thanks in advance :D

What the heck is that supposed to mean ???????

I was so happy when i turned on my psp system, but all that changed when i tried to download the two welcome back package games as they didn't download i'm getting the following error :-

The Install Failed


What The Heck is this somebody please help.

The PSN to be back up soon!!

I know that the PSN has been down for quite some time now and all us gamers want that it be restored as soon as possible.

But has anyone thought that sony is going through procedures just to ensure our safety, so i tell all my fellow gamer to please not leave PSN for the xbox because very soon the upgraded and more secure PSN will be back up with 2 free games also.

There is no confirmed date as to when the PSN will be back up but it should be back up by mid-June.

The Best Characters in a Video Game

1. John Marston ( Red Dead Redemption )

2. Big Daddy (Bioshock)

3. Ezio Auditore ( Assassins Creed II and Assassins Creed: Brotherhood )

4. Mario ( All Mario Games )

5. Alan Wake (Alan Wake)

6. Cole MacGrath ( Infamous )

7. Alma (F.E.A.R. Series)

8. Kratos (God Of War Series)

9. Gordan Freeman ( Half-Life Series )

10. Sam Fisher ( Splinter Cell Series )

11. Nathaniel Renko (Singularity)

12. Alcatraz ( Crysis 2 )

13. Sackboy ( LittleBigPlanet )

14. The Prince ( Prince of Persia )

15. Prophet ( Crysis 1 & 2 )

16. Nikolai Demichev (Singularity)

17. The Southern Cross (Ace Combat X)

18. Nathan Drake (Uncharted Series)

19. Rad Spencer (Bionic Commando)

20. War (Darksiders)

21. Chuck Greene (Dead Rising 2)

22. Aya Brea (Parasite Eve Series)

23. Nazi's

24. Nazi's

25. Even More Nazi's

Need For Speed Hot Pursuit

Now-a-days we get to see many racing games about every 2-3 months off, but are all these worth playing/buying? Some are and i can tell you that this game is well worth it, I can tell you this much jump out of your window and find the nearest store and buy this immediately especially if your the racing kind-a-guy.
The first impressions of this game were quite good in fact one of the best ever seen in racing games till date this was the due to the following :-
1) The best graphics seen in a Need For Speed Game
2) You Get To Play The Cops
3) Wide Open Roads
4) Its a reboot of the Franchise after Some disappointing games
In this game you get to play as both cops or racers that to on wide open roads ah! and one more thing there are a host of exotic cars in this game (Porches, Fords, etc) In case you don't know this game really does have some real world stuff in it, like if you drive behind another vehicle your speed increases like in real life and the scenery looks quite lifelike.
The racers have abilities like Spike Strip, EMP burst, Super boost, etc.while the cops have the ability to call int a chopper, drop spike strips, EMP blast, etc (don't wanna ruin the fun)
But i do recommend this game for all you gamers out there and hope you buy it because Need For Speed with its wide open roads and exotic cars gives you an experience like no other, so if you want to spell it out for you GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME NOW.


Singularity is one of the best games available for PS3, XBOX, and PC. So if you are a gamer and like a slight horror twist to your games mixed with some time manipulation, then SINGULARITY should be perfect for you. The game starts of in 2010 when a surge grabs the attention of a US satellite. the US sends a special team to investigate the surge. but when you reach the island (Katorga 12) which is being attacked by demonic hellish creatures. you are constantly fluctuating between 2010 and the 1950's due to an accident which causes the island to be in a state of FLUX so you keep seeing things from the past and you get to also play in the past which is pretty cool isn't it? From the gameplay point of view singularity is a solid FPS which when mixed with the powers of the TMD (a.k.a. the Time Manipulation Device)is a real fun to play shooter there are a variety of weapons ranging from simple 1950's guns to E-99 powered guns which let you literally steer the bullet to kill hard to get kind of enemies from far away. the powers of the TMD are also pretty awesome and also have been implemented very well, you can easily revert things to your advantage like a broken ammo case which when reverted will give you ammo or health etc,the second option is the age function in which you can as the name suggests age things to your advantage like walls blocking your paths etc.Using these weapons to kill the mutated humans is also a really fun experience. From the multiplayer aspect you can play as a variety of players like different types of soldiers and different types of creatures, the basic mode of gameplay for the soldiers is to shoot around, kick some ass with the TMD and for the creatures the basic gameplay is vomiting over the soldiers, throwing fuel barrels at soldiers and also becoming invisible for a short period of time. The textures are quite good and Raven have again proved the worth of the Unreal 3 Engine. The Environments look phenomenal and its always nice to explore in the game. All in all Singularity delivers quite an enjoyable experience which will stick with you even after you have finished playing the game For all you gamers out there i thoroughly recommend this game to all you gamers out there and if you can please check this game out its awesome and you really won't regret buying it.