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It's been a while...

Almost 8 months to be exact. Anyway yesterday was my last day of high school. Now all I have to do is pass my final exams and hopefully I'll be at university at the start of October. Not much interesting happened to me in the past few months. I finally managed to get my drivers licence, got my hands on a few new games for my PS3, been playing tons of WoW, watched a few good movies and stuff like that. I'm really looking forward to this years E3, mainly because I hope they'll announce a release date for Final Fantasy XIII (I'm a bit tired of guessing when it will come out).

I also wanted to say that if any of you guys feel like it come and join me at MyGameMUG and Playfire. My username on both sites is Moshtly (just add me as a friend or something).

PSN up and running

I got my PSN account working today. If you want to add me as a friend or want to give me your ID feel free to do so. My PSN ID is Moshtly.

Back from Australia + new PLAYSTATION 3

Hey everyone. I'm back from Australia. Actually I've been back for 2 weeks now but I've been busy with school and stuff that I haven't had time to write a blog till now. Australia was great. The flights to there and back were a little tiring and my eyes hurt from watching too many movies on the little TV but other than that it was really fun. I got to see a lot of interesting places and saw most of my old friends again. I also had tons of time to watch anime while I was at my grandparents and my uncle lent me his PS2 so I got to play some games too. We went to Taronga Zoo, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Harbour and Opera House, Cockatoo Island, Sydney Olympic Park (venue of the 2000 Sydney Olympics), Cronulla Beach, Kurnell (Captain Cook's landing place - 1770), Belrose Satellite Facility, spent a few days at my friend's house by the Central Coast, visited the Hunter Valley Gardens and went to my father's uncle's farm in Hunter Valley. I also went to the cinema with my uncle to watch Kung Fu Panda, The Dark Knight and Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

As far as games go I got The World Ends With You for the DS. In my opinion it's a really fun and unique game and definitely worth playing. I also bought Metal Gear Solid 4, Devil May Cry 4, Unreal Tournament 3, Burnout Paradise, Soul Calibur IV and Folklore for the PS3. I also bought a PLAYSTATION 3 as soon as I got back and I'm now waiting for my new wireless modem so that I can set up my PSN account and start playing games online.

Going to Australia

I'm going to Australia to visit my relatives with my family tomorrow. I'll be there for about 6 weeks but I'll try to come online every now and then to update my blog. If not then see you all in September.

Just in case any of you have made an account on and would want to track me my username is MarkR.

Excursion to Prague

I'm going a school excursion to Prague, the capital city of the Czech Republic. We'll be leaving tonight at 10 pm and won't be back until 11 pm on Friday. I doubt we'll get much sleep though since sleeping on the bus will kind of suck. But we'll at least be able to get some more sleep the next 2 nights since we'll be staying in some neat hotel. I also boughtmyself a new PSP Slim & Lite and a ton of new games last weak to take with me on the trip but since it's a 15 hour drive I'll have to save up my battery. I'll try to write a Trip Report some time Saturday or Sunday.

Final Fantasy X, all over again...

That's right. I got the Final Fantasy X Official Strategy Guide today, so I decided to start a new game and play through it again. I've already finished the story several times an have had more than 400 hours on different save files but I never ended up defeating Dark Yojimbo and getting to Penance so I thought it would be fun to get the guide and try it again. As for other games, I recently started playing Call of Duty 4 again and I also started Grand Chase. It's a little repetitive but quite fun in general so if you've got nothing else to do you should try it out.


Yay, birthday blog... Today is my 18th birthday. So far it's been a normal day like any other. I've been playing some new games and studying a bit (which kind of sucks but I've got a test tomorrow so I guess i have no choice). I got Sega Genesis Collection for the PS2 and a Philips DVD Home Cinema System. I had some of my friends come over yesterday so we played some games (and of course I always lost since I seem to really suck at multiplayer), watched American Pie Present: Beta House and I also got to try out God of War: Chains of Olympus in my friends PSP. I have to try and get myself a PSP soon.

Got RE4...

So I finally got Resident Evil 4 for my PS2. It feels kind of strange because I'm not much of a Horror fan and I never thought that I'd ever play a game like that, but I must admit that RE4 is really good. I mean, who wouldn't want to play a game with crazy European villagers (which are in my opinion way cooler then zombies).