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Birthday....on the superbowl

Ah,american football your grasp over testosterone poisoned men the nation over is awe-inspiring (not to say any of you are TPed) who's playing this year anyway? I open my present in an hour.

I want a spider

I want a pet spider, (a littledocileone,not anything large or venomous) but My mother and sister refuse to let me have one.Pity too,they could make good pest cleanup.

In regards to Trouble in Paradise,out of the introduced species:

Favorites:Cherrapins,Choclodocus,Hoghurts,Pengums,Walrusks,Tigermisus,Smelbas.Most of all (including the original 60) Geckies.

annoyances:All the new bird pinata save for Pengums,Jelis (sad to watch),Pieenas (what are they laughing at anyway?),Moojoos (meritless save for Tigermisu dinner),Polollybears (Awesome looking,but scare the living crap out of half my Pinata), Custaceans (keep getting miserable and can't help them).

Thanks for reading.

Heroes!?AND Pinata?

What a crock.those self rightcheous urchins have had run over the fiction world for far too long.I say that in spite of this new contest...WE SHALL HOLD A V-wait...that didn't go so well last time... whatever.As you can tell this was mostly to show I'm not dead.Olaying Viva Pinata:TiP now,as well as RE:CoM.

On the topic of VP...

Favorite pinata:

Buzzlegums,Cocoadiles,Fourheads,Buzzenges,Flutterscotches,Newtgats and Salamangos and CHIPPOS!

Least favorite:

Mallowolf,Kittyfloss,Lickatoad,Roarios,cluckles,Bispottis,Galagoogoos and Eaglairs(I actually like them,it's just they keep eating my Buzzenges!).


Anyone here a member of TVtropes? (This. ) Thinking of actually joining,but I wasn't sure if it'd be worthwhile.

On an important sidenote,I just made a very important (and as far as I'm willing to say unknown) resolution.

In gaming news I'm playing DESTROY ALL HUMANS! Path of the Furon.Tried Viva Pinata (sorry,dunno how to make accents.) It can be fun,Just don't really have the patience for it...

Brief progress post.

Being brief doesn't equate to being tolerably boring.Unlike what you may think,I have been working on my fanfiction formerly known as The Mad Dragon Giratina and the Children of the Cosmos. (Renamed it due to noticing a story with a similar name.) Not that I'll say the new name,because that'd be convenient.I've written roughly 14 chapters so far.(Short granted,but written.) I won't release any materials until I finish the first arc.I don't intend on there being a cop-out like last time.I'm about halfway finished with it.And I have the story draft finalized.Hopefully it'll screw with your heads.:P

Thanks for reading.Goodbye.

So...Power problems

I said for once,don't witch about me not changing people...okay,maybe I shouldn't complain about them for 6 1/3 paragraphs.So.Long story short:Power outages keep ruining mah games!

I wanna hear what you folks have to say about times when Power outages have gotten in the way of your gaming.

Not here to witch for once. A game update.

Games I'm playing right now.

Kingdom Hearts one and two.

Y'know,Sora looks a lot less weird in number 2...Finished the second game before,just thought I'd buy it and replay.Had KH1 for a long time,I just didn't have much initiative to play it before.

Halo:CE and3

Yeah,yeah,May not like following the crowd,but I was curious.It's pretty alright.3's Multiplayer is fun.(Granted you mute everyone else.) Campaign is good for a few runs through,but It's much too easy,even on legendary.Halo 1 is much better in that regard,the Elite's AI is far more impressive than the Brutes.,and 1's campaignis abit more memorable.The downside is no online multiplayer (I'm not churning out an extra 20 for the PC version.)

Punch Out!!(Wii)

Great.I'm actually being pushed here.This is one of the reasons I play games: Push myselfto the (relevant) limits.

Half-Life 2

Pretty good.Stinks I can't find the first game.(Is Steam a monthly pay,or pay by download?) I found the exclusive use of cutscenes to gameplay as very charming.Very few games these days feel like they have their story and gameplay so closely entwined.

Hmm....this blog is still depressing...Ah,I know exactly what to do!

Stupid image keeps acting up If I try it directly.

Well,that may not make it better spirited for some,but at least you didn't fall asleep!

Also,Looking for volunteers to make a banner.It doesn't have to be a neat and pretty Sig-****affair,just something that shows what I specify.And it should be no more than half as tacky as his hair!^

Alright,thanks for tuning in.Goodbye.

Didn't we have some fun though? Remember when the platform was sliding into the fire pit and I said, 'Goodbye' and you were like 'NOOO WAAAY' and I was all 'we pretended we were going to murder you'. That was great...Wait...ARGH!I'm going mad!

Bah...depression (whiney rant)

The state of affairs has been frustrating as of late.Nothing particularly bad has been happening,but there are small,but corrosive frustrations that keep haunting me.I've been falling short of expectations as of late,my frustrations aregetting to the point that looking in a mirror is giving me the temptations to smash whatever is looking back in it.To top it off,the only boy in my sight sits,the best of the very few people I call freind here,unattainable.But he jokes and smiles with me,even making me laugh in one of the few highpoints of the day..Whenever he waves,I become uncertain as to whether or not it's more than the assurance of a good freind's acknowledgement,but alsothe universe giving me the Iranian(or so I've heard) b****** sign.

Sorry for that,needed to dump my emotional baggage somewhere.I'll try and lighten up the mood by demoralizing Nintendo's E3 presentation like every old school Nintendo elitist should tomorrow.

You thought I was going to finish something...+ E3

haha.ANYWAY! To the point.Here are my E3 expectations.

[spoiler] Absolutely nothing memorable whatsoever. [/spoiler]

The problem is the age old case of overraised expectations,and time after time I end up severely disappointed (fires hyper beam at 2008) so,from now on,I will give no expectations to any particular part of e3.So don't be surprised at my apathy.That's it I guess.I have finals next friday through to the