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Not in a rush for a new console.

Now with both the Xbox One and PS4 announced and on the horizon, late 2013 will be the moment for the next generation of consoles to fully start. All I have to say is: Not that interested to jump into the bandwagon just yet. 

After both Sony's OK reveal of the PS4 and Microsoft's rather disastrous show of the Xbox One, my excitement for either console is considerably low. Not precisely of fault on part of the devices, but rather that I feel my time with this generation is not over. 

And my claim is not far fetch, you'll see, even though I entered to this generation with the purchase of both my Wii and Xbox 360 in 2007, I am a very slow adopter of games. I buy, on average, 2 games per year. As I live in Latin America, the process to import games was usually tedious and troublesome; and buying games locally is out of the question since a single game can cost me up to 200$ taking into account real exchange rate. For that reason my gaming library is relatively small but each game has been played to its full extent. 

Perhaps the biggest reason to not upgrade to a new console is the issue of backwards compatibility, and that's not taking into account possibly high prices for either console. There are still many games I want to play, both AAA titles and XBLA games, plus since my gaming library is mostly single player oriented, is not that I am missing the usually frustrating window of opportunity to get into multiplayer.

Now with new consoles to arrive, the prices of this generation's titles is to progressively go down during the transition period of early adoption. deals are to be sweet: and since now I use a more effective (and convenient) courier system, importing games is less of a hassle.

With the Mass Effect Trilogy, Human Revolution, Bioshock, The Orange Box, End War, GTAIV and Dark Souls, my core single player needs are nicely covered since I can jump back to any of those games, and that's not counting my XBLA titles.

There are still many titles I want to purchase, like Dishonored, Bioshock Infinite, Fallout New Vegas, GTA V, MANY XBLA games. Other games I will burrow from friends include Dead Space 3, Crysis 3, Red Dead Redemption, Metro: Last Light, Far Cry 3, Darksiders II. 

I still have my Wii plugged to my TV ready to play Super Mario Galaxy and Gamecube classics like the Metroid Prime series, Time Splitters, Star Wars Rogue Squadron, Star Fox Adventures, F Zero GX. I still have to play Twilight Princess :P

I am pretty sure the PS4 and Xbox One will be great systems, and I hope the Wii U does well, but for me, I have plenty of games to play, many others to buy. No need to rush.

Theophany Time's End

I deeply apologize for my lack of activity these past months, every time I try to write a blog I end up losing steam and just stopping out because it feels it isn't that worthwhile. 

But anyway, I only want to share with you this fan adaptation of the Majora's Mask Soundtrack. Let me say it is glorious, some of the best music I ever had the pleasure of listening to, and this is coming from a guy that hasn't played a Zelda game yet. I know I am a terrible person. :P


Here is the site:

Here is the whole work on youtube: 

In other news, after dumping 64 hours into it, I have to say that Dark Souls is awesome. Punishingly awesome, almost to the point of masochism. And I am not even finished, I just completed Anor Londo (boy what a beautiful level). After its first torturous hour, Dark Souls' world simply captures you and you don't want to leave. It is an experience unlike any other I have played. 

After a Long Hiatus.

It has been over a year since my last activity on the site, mostly due to university consuming most of my time, and also the site´s TERRIBLE system to edit blogs. I would have spent over three hours writing a blog compromising of several short reviews, to end up having te site not uploading it for some reason.

But anyway, the best thing of Gamespot is the community and I wanted to see how things were doing in the gaming world. So before finishing my official return to the site, I would like to share some of my opinions of games I have been playing this past year.


Got it burrowed from a friend. Most over top Third Person Shooter I ahve ever played: Amazing action, great presentation and an undeniable charm with its narmy story and simply lack of any notion of subtlety.

Halo Reach:

I got it by late July last year. Overall the best Halo Package yet: a comprehensively good campaign, extremely diverse and satisfying multiplayer; fun Firefight mode; and very flexible options for customs games with Forge and the gamemode editor.


A real gem of Arcade titles. Beautifully designed art style, masterful blend of platforming and combat, incredible boss fight and satisfying challenge. Truly a game to behold.

Secret of Monkey Island, Special Edition:

Wonderfully conceived remake of the classic point and click adventure. Beautiful art design and amazing voice acting to follow and even better script. Truly a testament to the funny games.

Iron Brigade:

Double Fine's blend of WWI mech warfare and Tower Defense is a surprisingly addictive game. An unique twist to a rather simple formula, combined with very satisfying customization and the undeniable charm that is a staple of Tim Schafer's team.

Crysis 1 for Games on Demand:

Doing what was though impossible since 2007, Crytek delivered its console port of the original Crysis. I must say I enjoyed a lot. With its distinctively beautiful graphics and a very flexible gameplay. The game was a tech demo when it first came, no doubt of that. It has some very interesting ideas and ambitious combining elements of science fiction and modern military shooters; and its first half is a breath of fresh air in the times of short, dull and linear shooters.

Crysis 2:

I burrowed from a friend and had a blast with it from start to finish. Although in some aspects seems a bit more restrictive that its predecessor. It is certainly more balanced from a gameplay perspective and a lot more consistent. I loved the campaign although its multiplayer was a shameless CoD clone, a fun one CoD clone I might add, but extremely derivative none the less.

Deus Ex Human Revolution:

My GotY for 2011, the prequel to the cyberpunk PC classic is a game I absolutely adored from start to finish. Immersive with the rich detail in which its 2027's world is conceived. A very interesting story, an amazing art, music and sound designs. And a gameplay that delivers on its promise of choice. A damn fine First Person RPG. Its final act may upset some people, but at the end of the day it's a true Deus Ex experience.

That's it for the good games I have been playing. Next blog I will try to post which games I am looking forward to play this year and in the future following this year's E3.

It is good to be back.

It's here at last.

After months of waiting and some considerably annoying arrangements, my cousin has finally brought the replacement for my Xbox 360. As you know my xbox 360 got RROD and I have been working on getting a replacement. The 360 S is the perfect upgrade. The glossy look is lovely, the whisper quiet sound is most welcomed, The Wi Fi is useful, though I keep the cable just in case, and the 250GB seals the deal.

Unfortunately my cousin had to get it outside of the box to pass it through customs, and it got a bit scratched on one of the sides, thankfully the scratches are only superficial and barely noticeable. The console works perfectly so far and I have already done the transferring of saved data.

(R.I.P 2007-2011)

I wasn't able to post a blog in quite some time as school had me extremely occupied, I have to thank for my Wii and Time Splitters 2 for satisfying my gaming needs in the meantime. At this point I will have to look on ways of getting the games I am anticipating the most.

I don't have GOLD membership as for now, guess I will simply make a temporary account to play some games online.

Next blog I will talk about the games I am anticipating the most this year. Until then.

I think I have figured out all of it

After watching a lot of playthroughs on you tube, reading the wiki, and analysing I think I have finally understood Metal Gear Solid 2's ending, and to summarize my thoughts, I am going to use Snake's line after the credits "What the hell?". To give you a hint here is the page

It is an undeniable fact that the Metal Gear Solid Series is know for its strong storytelling, but the final parts of MGS2 made me doubt of Kojima's grasp of reality, seriously the thing is so convoluted that is really hard to make sense of it in-universe, we all know the MGS saga likes to play with the fourth wall but at this point I think the game is going a bit too far, in fact I even began to believe that Kojima was simply going insane.

It is admirable just how MGS4 mnaged to retcon and deal with all the gigantic mess that was the ending of MGS2 while at the same time continuing the story.

But I have to say that, story-wise my favorites in the series are MGS1 and MGS3. Both are relativey easy to follow while being complex enough to remain interesting, with their share of particular humour, great charcters as well as deep story themes.

MGS3 is a game I have always wanted to play as it is the very incarnation of every Cold War Spy Movie trope in existance, and its awesome just the way it is. The Boss and Naked Snake have to be one the greatest characters in gaming. The Boss for her amazing ammounts of badassery, and Snake, how could you not like this guy that keeps on trying to accomplish his mission after getting his ass kicked time after time :P

New desk & new problems.

Last Saturday, My Father and I performed an, albeit long, expansion of the desk in my room. Simply put my desk, which was compromised of two main parts, got extended with a third centre piece, it was a b*tch to install but the results are extremely nice. This officially ends a long process of progressive transformation of my room, it began when I first installed this desk like 3 years ago. In that time I have got ridden of a BUNCH of old stuff, furniture, an old shelf. You know making it more comfortable.

It may sound ridiculous, but actually working on your "little sanctuary", that room or small corner that is of your own gives a lot more value to it. It's not just the place "I was assigned to" its the place "I am shaping the way I likegiven the possibilities". Now only if I could get a mini fridge :P.

Unfortunately this led to a heated, and almost violent argument with my sister over "personal space", I will not go over with the details since its a rather delicate subject. But to keep it simply, I will just say that my sister has got it hard when it comes to having "your own spot" through the years following my grandfather's move to our house after the rains destroyed the one he was living over a decade ago.:(

Let's say space is a luxury, and to be honest my sister has a point, and I kinda see how working on a new desk may seem as that ridiculous notion of "Sibling favoritism" from her perspective. But unfortunately we cannot create new spaces in our apartment, only retrofit the ones we have, and that's the thing she can't seem to get. That my room has been shaping up nicely because I had enough brains and disposition to reorganize, move or downright get rid of stuff to make my space better. To end this little rant I will just say that even in the most minor things, the most minor issues, crying and feeling sorry for one self does nothing. Actions and effort, for little they may be, do wonders at solving difficulties. And that is something my sister will have to learn one way or another.

That issue will take a while to be solved. Right now my sister and I are not on the best terms, I could even say this is possibly one of the hardest moments in our relationship, but after rationalizing it and discuss it with my mother, I am successfully emotionally overcoming the issue. All I have to do is set my mind in solving the problem, not complaining about it.;)

I am really sorry to waste your time with such issues, but writing about it makes it a lot more bearable, and I absolutely hate to end a blog in a sad note.

Sooner or later It had to happen, Its the timing that kills me.

This year's return to school have been anything but easy, sue to the fact that right before Christmas. National Emergency due to heavy rain (not that Heavy Rain (ok that was a lame pun:P)) forced many tests to be delayed, not a particular hard problem for myself, but an annoying none the less, but anyway sticking to the point.

This yesterday I friend of mine lend me Halo : Reach, I game I have been very exited about since I love Halo, but certain circumstances (getting games if HARD for me) have prevented me from buying it.

I played for only one hour and liked a lot, the next day I plugged the game for playing for 20 minutes, but it froze. I freaked out, because I though the disc was damaged, so I proceeded to install the game on the hard drive, to avoid any ease up the loading, it froze again.

Suddenly my worse fears came to live when I witnessed the horror, my Xbox 360 Elite, that has given me countless hours of fun since 2007 and it has been my main gaming console of this gen, has gotten the much infamous Red Rings of Death, and just when I was starting to play Reach, damn it.

To add insult to injury, the purchase of a new 360 S 250GB was force to be cancelled mid-shipping due to the ever present pain in the ass of having people receive stuff in the US to bring here. I am angry, but I had to remain patient, this comes to no surprise as my 360 went to repairs last year due to over heating, at my wallet expenses. All I can do now is simply wait to get a new 360, made the file transfer, and sell the black case to a friend who has a white 360. If you have been reading my blogs through the years you know how I had to handle delays, if I had to wait over 5 months to get my copy of Modern Warfare 2 that was bought on Christmas, I don't see why I won't wait for this.