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New Skyward Sword Information is Here! Screenshots, Gameplay Videos, and more!

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So, today Nintendo finally released a bunch of stuff regarding Skyward Sword. As the title suggests, they released screenshots,gameplay videos, videos, etc. I'll post link, and i dont wan't to reveal some minor spoilers. I found a lot of changes from the traditional Zelda ****game and i can say i am very exited after seeing all of this info. In the link there is a long list of confirmed changes. A trailer show's over 4 minutes of random gameplay. I cant beleive all of this info would come out all at once! Anyways enjoy the info and heres link:

Mogma people?The Mogma people?

What are you playing right now?

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Yeah quick blog, just want you guys to share what your playing right now. Ill share mines first :)

Right now, i have school and all so not much time for gaming, but i'm having a lot of fun with Monster Hunter Tri. I'm HR 35. Also, im playing Guild Wars every now and then. (getting ready for Guild Wars 2) Also, i'm beating Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on the hardest difficulty for fun + Gamerscore.

Share what your playing!

-Thanks for reading and commenting 8)

Modern Warfare 3 is looking disappointing.

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So, i was watching some of the Mw3 tournament on Gamespot, and i have to admit, I thought it was Mw2 for a minute. The player i was watching was using the Ump45, a popular gun in Mw2. The video i was watching, cycled around other players and i only saw a few different guns. The perks he had on looked the same, the callsigns looked similar, it just looks like a rehash. I'll probably buy it, but not on the day it comes out. I must say i loved Mw2 and im dissapointed in the originality they're putting in Mw3 :(

1st Official Blog and Crazy Portables?

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Well, i've finally started my official blog! I hope to continue this blog for a long time and get some comments for once! :P

So today i was poking around Gamespots forums, and there was a thread that posted a link to an ebay item A portable N64 sold for $455. This was entirely fan made. I was surprised, and when i saw the youtube video of it in action i was not only surprised with how well it worked, but i saw tons of similar videos in the sidebar! Did anyone know about these:??I sure didnt...

Link to the video:

Cool portable Gamecube!

Thanks for reading and comment please :)



Should I not make a blog?

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Well i recently posted that i may make a blog. I said that if enough people saw this then i would start one. Since no one has commented on it, should i not make a blog? If you think i should please offer suggestions on how to make a good blog.