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I get the same error message when I try and post a new blog entry.
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Tough call, but I'd go with Unicron. Unicron can only be beaten by the Matrix and I think Primus could beat him too. If you don't know, Primus is like "God" in the TF universe and Unicron is like "Satan." They actually made a Primus toy that also Transforms into a planet. There are pics of it in my TF Collection album in my user uploaded images if you want to check him out. Or you could just google Primus (not the band, that is lol).

Galactus was fairly easily beaten by Annihilus recently in the Marvel comics event, Anniliation. However, he was revived (or rather freed from his prison like state, Galactus wasn't dead, just being controlled by Annihilus) with help from Thanos. Then Annihilus was easily defeated by Nova with the Worldmind and the power of the enitre Nova Corps. I think Galactus was also beaten fairly easily in the Infinity Gauntlet storyline as well. I'm sure there are several other occasions when he has been bested by others (Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer).

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Unicron, hands down.
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Picked mine up last night, see my latest blog post for pics and initial impressions.
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I've been having problems uploading videos for the past few days now. Over the weekend I got that long "Fatal error" message. That was fixed Monday but now when I get to Step 2 and after selecting the video file I'm uploading, the page seems to freeze on the "your upload will begin shortly message." I don't get a status bar, how much time is remaining, the upload speed, nothing. it just says it will begin shortly. I've left it going for like an hour on one attempt and it still said the same message. I don't think everyone is having this problem, I've seen user vids that have been uploaded in the past few hours. I've tried using Internet Explorer and Firefox. I also tried renaming the files but to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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I like both but I'd go with pie over cake if I was given a choice.


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The download link for the 3/22/07 On the Spot is not working properly.  It brings you to the download page but there is no orange button to download the episode.
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Wow, that show is still on? I stopped watching G4 when Sara Lane and Brendan Moran left Attack of the Show and soon after they really started concentrating on discussing relationships and male perversions and targeting the channel to a general male audience instead of video games. I still love Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb but even Xplay has suffered from the "new" G4 programming.

Anyway, I haven't picked up FFXII yet but I will soon...

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I haven't read PSM in a long time. I used to think it was the best mag but I cancelled my subscription after the last redesign they did. I only read EGM now but I may be cancelling that too. The last few issues haven't been that great. Plus since I'm reading all the stuff on Gamespot it's pretty much all old news in the magazines unless they get some exclusive. (Game Informer seems to get a lot of exclusives for some reason)
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I've never ever heard of this. I'm 99.999% positive it is not true. If it is real it's probably something you have to do using the Gameshark, a debug or a mod using the PC version.