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For me, I personally think Mariokart wasn't very good. 3rd party support is horrible.
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I'm imaganing a Wii remote strapped with duct tape...

Of course, the idea isn't so bad. I'd be nice for like, a soccer game, or a running game...

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This is purely moronic. I can't stress how stupid people are.

This is country that allows people to own DISEASES AND PROFIT OFF OF THEIR RESEARCH, and they don't let Nintendo produce controllers for a console? WTF is this crud?

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Change the setting on your Wii:

You're probably using a Hi-def AV connector on the TV, but your TV doesn't support it.

If it's not that, change the setting from 60Hz to 50Hz

If it's not that, clean your cords, and try again.

If it's not that, your TV is broken. Buy a new one.

If it's not that, stop mistreating your Wii.

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I have to say the Opening theme in Super Mario Galaxy