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eUSA under attack!

Hello, everyone, I have made a few blogs in the past but I always delete them because I don't like them. Now I have something important to post.

Before I explain the situation to you I should first explain the game. eRepublik is an Online Political Simulator. New Players (Citizens) can choose which country to join and participate in the nation the same way you could in real life. Players can work regular jobs, join the armed forces, start companies, run for Congress, become the President. As you can see the possibilities in eRepublik are endless. With more updates planned and a suggestions area for players to give their 2 cents, eRepublik certainly to have a bright future.

Now, onto the current situation in eRepublik.

The eUSA and FORTIS are under attack by their sworn enemies the PEACE Global Community. The United States has lost Alaska to Russia! Canada our allies have lost Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland and Labrador.

Needless to say we the eUSAdesperately need your help. In order to join click one of the links below.

NOTE: When you join and reach level 6 the player who recruited you will receive 5 gold, SirEkim has honorably declared that all gold he receives for donation will go to the war effort. Alternatively you can click my recruitment link, I have declared that all the gold I receive upon your reaching level 6 will be sent to you.

If you have decided to join please read these to help you!

(Just in case you think a bunch of new players with little strength can not help)

Another thing to remember! Please join either New Jersey, Kansas, or Florida! The reasons for this are simple, those areas have the best hospitals, if you read the above articles you will understand why that is important.

One Last thing, if you choose to fight, thank you. For your service to the eUSA and for you Patriotism! I hope to see you on the Battlefield against PEACE!