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Super Scribblenauts Dilemma

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I have the 1st scribblenauts and loved it alot. this is to people that have super scribblenauts, im not sure to get it or not because i want it mostly for sandbox mode but at the same time it only got a 6.5 and its 20 bucks. ( i dont like spending 15$+ ). Is it really worth 20$?

Sorry For The Long Wait

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Sorry For Being So Inactive, kinda got destracted with christmas and all. ill start posting regularly again now that interesting stuff is starting to happen in my life. i posted all of this without looking at the keyboard :lol: stalkers would like to know this information <-


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Here are my updated recondmendations of games.

Shooters: Halo combat envolved, halo 3, halo 3 odst, halo reach, half life 2, perfect dark.

2D platformers: new super mario bros wii, super paper mario, new super mario bros.

3 Demensional games: mario galaxy, mario galaxy 2.

virtual life: viva pinata trouble in paradise.

I'll Update this when I get some more games.