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Game is amazing. I put 8 hours into the demo alone. Day one,nuff said

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How is Sony still around with losses this big? It's like every other week they post some massive loss.

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Giving my game boy color and game collection to my nephews (got a Gba at the time). They eventually destroyed and lost some valuable games. At that time I was being nice and wasn't much of a collector but it hurts to see the games I lost are too rare to get back.

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Yes it is a problem. Expectantly, since HD game development is much more costly and time consuming. Due to this fact, Nintendo can't sustain the console with first party only anymore because game releases take far to long now.

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All Sony's consoles looked cheap in my opinion except for their handhelds. They could try to make it feel less like it was mass produced, but alas, I bought the consoles to play games, not look at it.

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Without the innovations Nintendo have done in their time Sony wouldn't be as good as it is today. Not only from their hardware innovations but their software as well, they have crafted entire genres of games that we still play to this day. Nintendo has fallen by the wayside to me, but time and time again I am always exited to see what they do next in terms of software and hardware.

I think Nintendo has the capabilities of making great hardware and now that they are now focused back to their core, their next console will be amazing while bringing great innovations that actually matter to the gaming experience.

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Glad to see another person experience such an excellent game. My bro gives me flack for putting what he calls a "non-game" in my top ten games of last gen. But he doesn't know what he is missing. The game is an emotional roller coaster and the sound track really matches the emotion the writers set to evoke. From the cheery feeling you get when you end a trial, from the intense court battles it is all expertly designed.

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Damn it. I stopped doing the club Nintendo thing years ago because the rewards got lame. Also the surveys are tedious. Then this happens.:(

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The ps4 is fine. There are only a select few people like him and celebrities that have 2000 people on their friends list. They need to fix the scrolling and other things but it's not much of a priority right now when propably only 10 people have 2000+ friends.

The Xbox needs to work on it's lousy OS, and it's store that randomly refreshes when you are browsing it. The OS is a complete mess on Xbox one. Why is everything segmented in to an app like the friends list? This isn't a tablet. I guess I need to get used to my new Xbox because I keep hitting b button to go back to the previous screen and an app I recently closed starts up again.Most of the updates MS is doing so far has already been on the ps4 since launch except for the media playback.