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Vine. (ranting. again.)

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Ok, rant time. I'm keeping this one short.

For those who don't know, Vine is a social media app in which you record videos that can be up to 6 seconds long. That doesn't seem like a lot but some people can be absolutely freakin hilarious in 6 seconds (Will Sasso's lemons FTW).

My problem with this is, some people do it at the most inappropriate times. My sister tries to make vines of me, herself, or her friends while we're trying to have a converation. She posted a Vine of me talking to her without me knowing. I'm actually in the video in my pajamas with my hair not brushed out yet, and talking about something that nobody else has any business knowing about. Obviously I was not happy about that, and I asked her to take it down. She said "ok", but I doubt she actually did it. My friends to this too. They'll stick the phone in their friend's faces while they're turning away or covering their face, obviously not wanting to be on camera. My sister does that too. It's annoying. Some people just post horrible and/or annoying stuff on there too (but that's to be expected with any social media in general). There's this one vine of a man at Disneyland who took a pair of scissors and walked up behind a little girl holding a balloon, and he cut the balloon string. Who just does that to a child? That's just heartless.

I don't hate vine (it can actually get pretty funny) but the problem is, people just need to learn to do it at the right place and the right time. like obviously not recording personal conversations and putting them up for any random person to see. I don't like that at all.


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Ok... I'd like to apologize for my rant on Xenoblade Chronicles. Now I feel like what I wrote was too sarcastic and immature to be taken seriously. I didn't exactly know all the background info on that either, like the prices that both games go for on ebay and such, which didn't exactly help matters. But to be fair, for the Metroid Prime trilogy, I didn't know how much that one went for because I already own all 3 Metroid Prime games, so why would I bother to go look to buy a game thats just a re-release of 3 games I already own? Its kinda pointless. As for Xenoblade, all I knew was that it was worth $50 new at Gamestop at least a month ago. And also why would I bother to go look to buy the game on ebay and pay the same price that Gamestop sold it for new, plus pay shipping for it, when I could just walk to the Gamestop down the block from me and buy it without having to pay for shipping and waiting for it to come in the mail? Buying it from the store would make more sense. But still, I apologize for being a moron.

(But my comment on the whole "vintage games" part still stands.... And that really was my reaction face to the whole situation.)

And I need to stop describing things as being "ratchet", at least within the gaming community. Because I swear every time I call something ratchet, somebody think I'm talking about the game. So if you see me say that something or someone is ratchet, I'm using the adjective, and not talking about the games/charater. Just thought I'd say that since not everyone here lives in the hood so not everyone would be aware of the adjective form of that word lol. Just thought I'd clear that up incase there was any confusion.

I have no words. Rant (Xenoblade Chronicles)

by on (This guy sums it up nicely too.)

tl,dr: Gamestop is selling "used" copies of Xenoblade Chronicles for $90 a pop. But these so called "used" copies are actually just new copies without the cellophane wrap on them being passed off as used copies with an extremely inflated price tag.


(and this was literally my face when I read this)


I'm sorry I'm just totally speechless right now... WHAT?

OK, I seriously wish I had gotten it new, because the Gamestop down the block from me had a bunch of new copies for $50 last time I checked (which was about a month ago) and I had money saved up for it and I was about to go down there and get a copy!!! And now they pull this??? ...Well, I guess that's what I get for being a slowpoke. But still, AW HELL NO!

This is totally grimey and ratchet on so many levels -.- :cry:

and OMG can I just say (quoting this)-

"GameStop regularly receives feedback from our PowerUp members regarding old titles they would us like to bring back, such as vintage games like Xenoblade Chronicles. We were recently able to source a limited number of copies of this title to carry in our stores and online.

"In fact, we have sourced several more vintage titles that we will be hitting stores in the coming months, including Metroid Prime Trilogy.

"As always, our pricing for these games is competitive and is based on current market value driven by supply and demand. PowerUp Pro members always receive a 10% discount and earn PUR points on pre-owned purchases."


number 2- "vintage games like Xenoblade Chronicles"??? LMAO Xenoblade Chronicles is barely a year old. What does that make the NES then, an ancient artifact? LOL.

number 3- and this is just another thing to add to the already long list as to why I hate Gamestop's business practices.

number 4- GEE, I wonder how much they'll charge for the Metroid Prime Trilogy then? $150? Even if they do I don't gotta worry 'cause I own all 3 games anyway sooooo (MP2 is the best IMHO :D )

I just... I am shocked and appalled.

Can I move to another planet plz


Not sure how else to sum up my thoughts on this, but..

Damn. O~O

Ok I think I'm done here.

Megaman Unlimited! (oh and Pacific Rim)

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Hey guys!

So, I've been hearing about this Megaman fan game for a while called Megaman Unlimited. I've known about this game for a while but haven't been paying too much attention to what was going on with like the progress and stuff, but I heard it just came out 2 days ago. I've been planning to try it out once it was released, so I went and downloaded it and played for a little while.

I can honestly say that this game is really awesome; It looks, feels, and plays just like an official Megaman game. I'm really impressed with it, I actually like this a lot more that Street Fighter x Megaman. I'm having so much fun playing it right now, and I even got my sister to play it (she likes it too now :D ). Oh an also unlike street Fighter x Megaman, this game took way less that an hour to download lol. So far I'm not seeing any problems or weird glitches yet, so that's always a good thing.

But anyway, If you're a fan of Megaman you should totally check this game out! (also I should probably say, this page says the game works on Windows only. If you're a Mac user, well..... that kinda sucks)

Also, I went to the movies yesterday to see Pacific Rim with my friends. It's a great movie, I really liked it! It kinda seemed like some scene dragged on a bit too long, and some scenes were just plain stupid or silly, but overall it was pretty good! It's totally worth seeing :)

Anyway, that's all I gotta say for now. Gotta get back to playing Megaman with my sister lol. See ya :)

OH MY G!!! Super Smash Bros!

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well, i have returned. for real this time. Sorry for not being on, like, ever. I kinda kept forgetting to sign on ^^; oops.. but anyway, I am back, and perfect timimg, because e3's here! and even better, the next gen console are being revealed, so that means one thing; console wars! And we all know what that means, catfights and roast fests left and right! woohoo! Anyway..

First and foremost I will say: I'm not coming within a mile of xbox one. ever.

Next, once i see more details on the ps4 I'll consider whether I will go get one or now, but so far it sounds pretty good. If not I'll just stick with my Wii U and be a happy camper while this new console war rages on ^u^

The new pokemon revealed yesterday are pretty neat too. I love the bat and the lion cub! I'm kinda disappointed with Sylveon's new type being called.. um... "fairy"?? That was a little anti-climatic, because I expected something better for the name, but at least now the dragon-type isn't so OP anymore I guess? meh.

fairy type pokemon

yeah. Moving on...

And, Super smash brothers. I don't even have to explain why i'm excited for this do I? but anyway..


that's why :3 I was literally screaming and broke out dancing because I was so excited. I've been wanting to ee Mega Man in Smash since before Brawl came out. And it's finally happening!! And other than that there's the animal crossing kid (not a fan of AC so i don't have much to say but that grab move looks pretty useful. And the wii fit trainer... wasn't expecting that but she doesn't look to bad of a character, and I found it to be quite amusing.

Well anyway that's pretty much it. Can't wait to see what else comes from E3 ^^

Back (again)

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So my laptop situation hasn't been fixed as of yet, so my activity here is going to be spotty for the next few weeks until I get my new laptop. But, I guess its better to be on here sometimes than to not be on at all! So anyway, about my life...

Ok, so if you've been following whats going on with the 3ds lately, you've probably heard of Fire Emblem: Awakening. I love Fire Emblem and I was very excited to hear about the new game. But apparently there was a mistake on Nintendo's part and they didn't ship out the games in time to be released last Monday. What a letdown! so then the "new" release date was on that Friday. On Sunday I went to a few stores around my area looking for the game. STILL no place had it yet, but one of the employees at one of the stores said they might get in some copies this Friday. So nearly two weeks after the official release date is when at least one place around here will have it. Nice job on Nintendo's part, huh?

...Wanna hear a joke?

Fire Emblem Awakening being released on time. HAHAHA!


Also the other day I got Viewtiful Joe for the PS2. I have some fond memories of playing this game with my friends and cousins back then! I'm so glad I can play it again. And, also a funny little story about this game, when I first heard of it I thought the title was "Beautiful Joe" XD so I always thought, shouldn't it be "Handsome Joe"? Because back then I never heard anyone describe a guy ad being beautiful, only handsome. Then my friend corrected me. I felt kind of stupid but looking back on it, it was kinda funny.

I've also been following the updates on Pokemon X and Y. So far almost everything sound great. Then I saw this leaked scan from some Japanese magazine...

What the...? Who the heck designed that, a scene kid? Nicki Minaj? The members of Blood on the Dancefloor? I really don't like the design at all. The bright pink next to the white and light blue is too harsh on the eyes. The eyes don't look very nice either, it almost makes it look dead. The ribbons are kinda pointless, and having them that long would get in the way of battle (unless they're showing a specific trainer's pokemon, and they accessorized the pokemon themselves? But then they would show the trainer as well, right? Idk). Now i'm not gonna be that one person who cuts on every new pokemon, because I love the new pokemon so far, besides this one. this one... It looks ridiculous. Also this one's type isn't very obvious just by looking at it. Normal might be a possibility, but a normal type evolution would be pointless for Eevee. My other guess would be ghost type, because of the soft colors (aside from the bright pink and darker blue) and, again, it kinda has dead glassy eyes.

Also I got my PS2 a few weeks ago. So far I have Ratchet: Deadlocked, Megaman x7, Neopets: the Darkest Faerie (don't judge, I have fond memories of this game back when I was 9), Veiwtiful Joe, MGS Snake Eater, and Shin Megami Tensei. I think I already spent way too much time playing it, but I'm enjoying it :3

So, Hopefully I'll get my laptop soon so I can stay active on here, or just anywhere in general.

new wii u games announced! :D

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so, i saw the Nintendo live stream yesterday, and Im very excited for the new games!

so theyre coming out with a new Mario Kart and another Mario game similar to Mario Galaxy. Nice, but i saw that coming from a thousand miles away. I probably wont get either of these right away, but maybe eventually.

Theyre coming out with a Yoshi game in the style of Kirby's Epic yarn also. I'm really looking foward to this one!

There's going to be a new Zelda game and theres going to be an HD remake of The Wind Waker. I'm gonna pass on WW since i already own the original but I will definitely be getting the new Zelda game when it comes out.

Then theres a new crossover Fire Emblem game, which I am SO excited for!! Im def gonna keep an eye out for this one.

and finally, there's a new rpg coming out called X. It looks a little unusual but it looks like it will be great.

all these games sound like theyre gonna be great! so... looks like I'm gonna have to start saving up some money!! lol.

I have returned! *epic music*

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Hello again! Please excuse my random absence, my laptop died and then my other laptop's screen broke 2 days later o.o this month wasn't a good one for my laptops it seems! And accessing the internet anywhere other than a computer can be pretty damn annoying

So, what have I been doing for the past 3 weeks that i was gone for?

Well first I went down to visit family in New Jersey, and while I was there I got mad games. Super street fighter 4, Soulcalibur 2 (which i have been wanting for ages lmao), Super Paper Mario, Left 4 Dead, The Last Remnant, and Dead Island just to name a few. Also my sister got Just dance 4 (Rick Astley. 'Nuff Said)

And Miiverse. Many, many hours on Miiverse.

I also discovered a bunch of funny (and bad) jokes through my cousins, my sister, and my friends. But i think the best ones I heard so far are:

What's Beethoven's favorite fruit?


Why were the elephants kicked out of the beach?

Because they couldnt keep their trunks up!

(aaaaand here come the video game related jokes)

How do you get 3 charizards to fit in a bus?

Poke em' on! (I thought that was was cute lol)

What did Megaman say when he defeated Flame Mammoth?

"You just got burned!" (as dumb as this one was, I laughed really hard)

And here comes the one that made me laugh so hard I choked on my Sprite...

What did Ken say to Ryu when he asked if he could borrow $10?


Just LMFAO. Being the Street Fighter fan that I am, I thought this was was freakin hilarious.

(I have tons more jokes I'd tell but I don't want to bore everyone to death lmao)

Then once I got home, I went down to this local video game store that sells older games, like for the Nes and whatnot. I kinda just stopped by (I wasnt planning on it but I thought I'd spend time looking around in there rather than standing on a long Starbucks!) and I just quickly looked by the SNES section, and I found the original Megaman X, which I have been looking for forever. So I bought it and spent basically the whole weekend playing it. Just, this game is so addicting o.o

And I'm also considering buying a ps2. Long story short, back then my brother had a ps2 and let me and my sister play it, but when he decided that he was "too old for video games", he traded it in, even though me and my sister literally begged him to give it to us instead. But, whatever, life goes on. So I guess depending on how much the system costs I may go out and buy it. There are a few games for it that I've wanted for a while... like The Magic Pengel: Quest For Color. I thought that game was the coolest thing ever when I was younger. I honestly still think its amazing now, because I love drawing and designing and all that.

This turned out way longer than I have planned, lmao. Anyway, I am indeed still alive, and I am going to get my laptops fixed when I get the money so i can actually like do stuff. But that also may not be for a while. So... idk. But incase anyone does wanna talk to me until i get these laptops fixed, feel free to add me on xbox live. My gamertag is GhettoChimera, and I'm on almost every day and always willing to play a few rounds of Halo 4 or Left 4 dead with anyone.

(I just want that freaking money already omg its so annoying to not be able to use either of my laptops)

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