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You Will Get Yours Verizon!

dam verizon had to make a mistake with my dsl. everything was suppose to be set up today but noooooo there had to be a problem over there and now i have to wait till the 14th for my line to get activated. i think this is a conspircay becuz out of all people my line was the one that they had problems with. can you believe it. i was all excited and BAM. to top it off they sent me a email saying everything was activated and wen i check it out the Techinical Support rep. said that it was a false alarm. Way to get my hope high Verizon. O well, i guess im going to wait another week but its kind of good in a way becuz now i get to hone my skills with socom and halo2. :D. so this aint so bad. but i guess one more week. becuz for sure imma have it next monday!

Another Week Gone By...

o wow, another week has gone by. to think about it, it went pretty fast which is always good. i cant wait till monday so i can start playing online and letting the world know how good i aml. Dam, i gotta get Kathys birthday present tomorrow and i got to get my hair cut. i got a lot of things to do tomorrow. im sooo bored and hungry. pops is watching tv and gc and moms is sleeping. i guess tomorrow morning i will get all my work out the way then i will head out to get my shopping done but i dont know what to buy her. I should get her a Steep Teck but i dont have 250$. i know if i ask her she is going to tell me nothing becuz she doesnt want me spending my money which is good in way but its her birthday and i have to get her something because it would be really bad if i dont get her anything and everybody else does. i dont want to be the cheap boyfriend. o well i guess i will get something nice for since i got her 2 teddy bears for seperate occasions. and i got to buy the cake. OMG i guess imma have to beg for money again. I wish i had a job but then again i am to lazy to work and i should live it up while i should becuz i dont want to hear another lecuture from pops about how i should live up my teens becuz the second i become of age i will be working for the next 30 years of my life. o man, lemme finish this becuz im tired but b4 that imma check the fridge cuz right now i want a big ass sandwich. 3-4-05