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While I want to get it, 60 bucks is ridiculous. Especially since you can get the ps3/360/pc versions for like 5-10 bucks now...

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The original snake game.

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@True_Gamer_: The games themselves are not exclusive, but the next gen versions do have exclusive features such as new engines and game modes.

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Yes, I've played great games from them with good stories. FF13 is a terrible product from them. The fact that they are still chugging a long with the characters and what not is ridiculous.

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Meh. The earlier trailers impressed me, this one made the game look average at best.

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I have no problem with the list with the exception of GT5. I thought a lot of people still played that, I guess they are really trying to drive up GT6 sales.

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Great deal!

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I am not understanding this thread?

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As someone with poultry experience, 1 per wing is way to high, especially coming from Mcdonalds. I agree with the article, Buffalo wild wings gives the consumer an experience that Mcds does not even come close to having. Also, they were frigging nasty, I bought a 3 wing box and never got them again. Easily the worst wings I've tasted coming from a restaurant.

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The Witcher 3. I really want to get the books and really get into it.