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So I managed to test SWTOR last weekend. Its a pretty cool game! It's annoying though that you have to wait so long for a lightsaber and even longer for a sprint power. I only managed to get to like lvl 13 or something. I find myself asking though, what was taking so long, for all the time that was spent making the game there doesn't seem to be that much. I found the gameplay to be father limiting, the problem is that it's basically and RPG with MMO aspects like so many others which for me means that there is no sense of freedom when playing. If you could have a speeder or some kind of vehicle from early on or a lightsaber or whatever "uber" weapon your class is supposed to have. if you had more inventory space, if the items were not so expensive and things of that nature the game would feel more of a sense of freedom, or at least I would.

What I find most curious is that these games are set in the Star Wars universe which by definition should mean that space related gameplay is as important as ground gameplay, however that does not seem to be the case with SWOTOR. BioWare say these "tests" are to help them improve the game but what do they mean by that? If they want to improve the game then that's easy if you ask me, just focus more on what makes sense from a Star Wars point of view and not a "game" point of view.

I feel that this game will end up F2P, maybe with a year, maybe more, but it will go the way of Lord of the Rings Online, Champions Online, DC Universe Online and just end up with some even more limiting free to play model. I say just do that from day one. The best thing is to make the game sub free but you still have to buy a retail code to access the game, add a fairly priced micro transaction system and you are good to go!

Anyways, overall I'm not sure from my testing sessions if I actually want to fork out money for this game at launch, especially for the collector's edition which is really over priced!

Saints Row The Third!

I love this game! It plays a lot like SR2 but it just feels better! I'm addicted to earning money in game! I wanna get like 500 million or something. Right now I'm only at like 3.5 mil, lol, I wonder what the money cap is if there even is one...

Lets try this blog thing again?

Hello anyone!

I'm Gez! I'm 25 and I'm in the UK! I feel like blogging! Howdi! :D

I just started using fuse about a week or two ago! It's pretty cool!

I just watched Covert Affairs pilot with my younger brother! It was awesome! I hope it doesn't get the axe, but it probs will because a certain someone is in it (sorry Chris Gorham but you seem to be bad luck for a lot of shows, or is it me because I watch them? Hmmm)

Anyways, I'm juggling Batman Arkham City, Uncharted 3 Drake's Deception and DC Universe Online (NO SPOILERS, please, thanks!) as well as loadsa tv shows like Burn Notice, Glee, The Walking Dead, Bored To Death, Harry's Law, Rookie Blue, Happy Endings, Merlin, Boardwalk Empire, Spy, Haven, Misfits, Lost Girl, Terra Nova, One Tree Hill, The Secret Circle, Chase and a whole load more. Also Bones and The Prisoner are starting this week! Yay!

So anyways, whats up peoples?!?!


Bat Cave Home Theatre!

The home theatre experts at Elite HTS unveil their latest creation, a high-tech, Batcave-themed fortress. Unfortunately, it's just a showroom and not for sale.

"This effort makes our previous favorite Batcave look like a tragic mess, and although we are so excited, we are, at present, spontaneously generating 2.5A of electric current from our toes, we are also saddened immensely"

Merry Christmas!

Just wanted to say Merry Christmas to everyone! It comes and goes every year but I hope you all had a great day and got everything you wanted! I also hope that, if you were fortunate enough to, you enjoyed spending time with your family or that special someone and don't just treat them good once a year. Be good to your loved ones all year round!

Best film trilogy?

I've been thinking about this for some years, and maybe there can never be an answer because a new trilogy will always come along. There are so many trilogies, ones where all films have been made for the cinema, the first made for cinema and the rest made for video, etc. This year alone we've seen the final installments of the Spider-Man, Pirates of The Caribbean, Rush Hour, Resident Evil, Shrek, Ocean's and Bourne trilogies. An awesome year for trilogies indeed! Over at everyone's favourite editable dictionary, there is a nice list of film trilogies that have been completed; it may not be 100 accurate but its sill a good list. How many have you seen and which trilogy do you think is the best?

After being blown away by The Bourne Ultimatum I have to go with The Bourne Trilogy but The Pirates of The Caribbean Trilogy comes in a very close second.

Emergency Zombie Defense Station!

Don't you just hate it when you're town gets overrun with zombies and your not prepared? Well fear not, purchase one of these Emergency Zombie Defense Stations and you will always be ready to dispatch the living dead back to the hell from whence they came!


Hellgate: London Beta code giveaway!

Ok, so I have four extra Beta code's for Hellgate: London that I'm not using. I think it be a shame if they went to waste so I decided to give them away but I'm not gonna make it easy. Muhahaha!

We are going to play a little game!

How to play - I have noted down 4 random numbers between 1 and 100 and each of those four numbers is associated with a beta key, who ever posts with the correct number first gets the key, simple as that!

Rules - Only numbers in the comments to this blog post will count. Only 1 number can be posted by each user account, if you have like 4 accounts then fair enough, that ok 'cause its still 1 post per user account. If you post like 5 different numbers in the same post or different ones, or post every number from 1 to 100 I will just take into account the very first number.

This has to be done quickly because the beta could end any day now. Spread the word, get your all your CNET Network friends to join in. If this doesn't quite work then oh well, they codes will go to waste anyways.

Good luck!