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A pause from my break - Need help with PS3 -

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Hey friends ;)

This is my problem: 

How can I copy my games to my 300 GB hard drive? Without installing a custom software, multiman or something like that:( It's because my PS3 firmware is: 4.21, and it doesn't support these apps, the only solution will be taking my PS3 to an expert and let him open it, do something with the interior and put the firmware back to 3.55, and of course I don't want that :(

Any Ideas?

I'm really thinking not doing nothing cause newer games need newer firmwares :cry:

Thanks for your time and help ;)

I need a break.

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Sorry friends :(

I don't wanna be here from time to time like I've been doing lately, I believed this couldn't possibly happen to me but... It had :(

College, things to do, chores, my girldfriend... I need to pick up my life again, a lot has happened with me.

Sorry friends :(

I hope that when I return here again, all the problems have been fixed with Gamespot, images, videos, trolling, everything :)

Thanks for Reading ;)

GerardoExber's Awards of 2012 -Music Albums-

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Hey Friends ;) 

All these albums are the ones I listened in the year ;) Here I will tell them, the nominations, the winners and the best song that I heard in 2012 ;)

Albums Listened:

From Tsukiko Amano, now Tsuki Amano:

Sharon Stones (2002):


Out of it's 12 songs I did like only 5 :) There aren't any remarkable songs, but to be the first album of Tsuki Amano, it was very good :)

MEG&LION (2002):


Out of it's 10 songs I did like 6 ;) There is one Remarkable song: "Tokeidai no Kane" :) It has this soft and relaxing rock beat that I learned to love already :) Also a very good album from her :)

Sky Tree (2012):


Out of it's 10 songs I did like only 4:( because like she said, she will change her songs a little bit... The 4 songs are remarkable and the best one it's "Kurenai" ;) Song that also can be hear in the Remake of Fatal Frame 2: Deep Crimson Butterfly.

Best Album from Tsuki Amano: MEG&LION :)

Best Song from Tsuki Amano: Kurenai ;)

From Anna Tsuchiya:

Taste my Beat (2005):


Out of it's 6 songs there was only 1 I didn't like :D And all that I like are remarkable :) the best is: Taste my Beat :) Because both it lyrics and beat is awesome. First album from Anna and a good Start indeed ;) She shows up her ever lasting beat :)

Change Your Life (2006):


I did like all of them! ;) The second album was the proof I needed to know that Anna in some of her songs really supports women :) Thing that I like simply because I love women very much ;) No Remarkable songs :P

Slap That Naughty Body/My Fate (2006):


LOVE all of them ;) Out of 3 songs I like the crazy beat and rhythm of Slap That Naughty Body, you can imagine how is the song :P There is another "Blue Moon" with this romantic touch that I find beautiful :) And the Best "My Fate" is so inspirational and great that I can't say more, I relate the 1000% with the song and well, enough said :D

Rule (2010):


I did really like all of them ;) 8 out of 11 :) Remarkable songs: "Brave Vibration" with a happy beat ;) "Guilty" I already like it because of Resident Evil Degeneration :) "Voice of Butterfly" because it has a sad feeling ;)

Best Album from Anna Tsuchiya: Rule ;)

Best Song from Anna Tsuchiya: My Fate ;) ;) ;)

From Fireflight:

Glam Rock (2002):


I really didn't like it, only 3 songs out of 11, no remarkable songs of course :(. Bad start for the band :cry:

The Healing of Harms (2006):


Now I did really love it :) All the songs, 11 out 11 :D Remarkable: "Attitude" and "More than a love song" because they are love songs with lyrics every couple can relate too ;) Excellent album, they finally met their rhythm ;)

Unbreakable (2008):


The same as good as the previous one :) I'd like all the songs: 10 out of 10 :) Remarkable: "Brand New Day" and "Go Ahead" I'm not christian, I'm catholic but still love to hear songs with God in them :D

For Those Who Wait (2010):


I did like 8 songs out of 10 :) But sadly the band started to feel a little different and bad :( However there are Remarkable songs and one that I really like :) Remarkable: "What I've Overcome" it's inspirational and "Name" is about God's Love :) The BEST: "For Those Who Wait" that it's both about God and Inspiration ;)

Now (2012):


I did like only 7 out of 10:cry: This time the band really changed it's way to make music, in one of their songs I felt HATE, in others too :( Remarkable: "Rise Above" and "Now" both inspirational ;)

Best Album from Fireflight: Unbreakable ;)

Best Song from Firefligt: For Those Who Wait ;) ;) ;)

Now to the Winners:

Best Album:

Rule - Sky Tree - Unbreakable...

And the Winner is:

Unbreakable ;)

Best Song:

For Those Who Wait - My Fate - Rise Above - Kurenai - Blue Moon - 

And the Winner is:

My Fate ;)

Thanks for Reading ;)

Hey I'm Exber ;)

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NOTE: This will be my new profile :) Do You Remember who I am? ;););) Any clues? Persona 4? Resident Evil? Poems? Thanks for Reading my Pm's and for coming here :)