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Do you recommend Me the last of us ?

Hey friends :) my family will buy Me a new ps3 game for October I think, and I want a big game with dozens of hours of gameplay, a lot to unlock, great story and all that, if It with offline co-op It would be even better :) and I thought in "the last of us" But I want more options so thats why I'm you ;) thanks for reading ;)

My work time has just been extended, one more month

Hey friends :D

How have you been? :D

My boss told me today that she wants me to work with them for another month :D And I accepted of course ;) Now the payment will be more and the day when I'll buy a console for myself is fast approaching: A Wii :D

The rest of the money I'll save it and lend some to my mom :D


At work when I don't have anything to do I play some Zelda :D My progress so far: Already gotten into the Dark World and trying to beat Level 1 Palace of Darkness :( So hard :(

Thanks for Reading ;)

My ps3 have been damaged via an update

Hey friends :) sadly It has been damaged and I will not have It again until December Maybe, until they fully solve the problem :( the only good thing is that they are still offering Me 5 games for free, I have to wait :( thanks for reading :) I wrote this using my smartphone

Working: A whole new life experience :D

Hey Friends :)

How are you? :D

Today marks my 5th day working ;) :D And it all had been so good :D Working with my girlfriend and she explaining me everything and all that is just so great :D Now that all the explanations have ended I'm on my own and I've been doing my job really well giving everything I got :D I already kinda won the boss trust :D Also everyone there is really kind and we all help each other everyday :D

My job is: Insurance Policy Transmitter :) I just need to transmit every insurance policy we made :D By the way I work at a Car Insurance Company :D

Here are some pics:

Me in my desk :)


Me and my Girlfriend :D


Thanks for Reading :D

P.S: I sent my PS3 for maintenance and they will give these games:

Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles

Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles

Resident Evil 6

Tekken Tag Tournament :D

So Awesome! :D

I Got a Job! I can't believe it!

Hey Friends! :)

Yes :D In my Girlfriend's job they were searching for someone to work only for three weeks and with a really good payment, however a girl went faster than I did and got the job, HOWEVER, that was last week, and this week when the job starts, she didn't go, out of nowhere, she is just missing, the boss of my girlfriend didn't like that of course and now they called me :)

This is so awesome! :)

  • First I will work alongside my Girlfriend for three weeks, so we will be seeing each others 24/7, everyday! :)
  • The payment will be enough to buy myself a Wii :) and some vitamins I'm needing to in order to gain some weight :)
  • This will be great for my curriculum, no doubt about it :)

Thank God I don't have classes right now :P

Thanks for Reading! :)

Final Fantasy doubts... Which is the longest?

Hey Friends :)

I have Final Fantasy 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 ready to play, forget about 3, maybe later in the future :)

So which one do you recommend me to play for now? :) I would want to start by play playing 4 but I don't know :(

Thanks for Reading ;)

I'm Sorry Resident Evil! I was missing out...

Hey Friends :)


How and when did I decide not to play this game and speaks bad of it without playing it yet? :( I regret that right now :cry:

Yesterday I searched the game in my drawer where I keep my old games secured :)


See it behind Zelda Ocarina of Time? :) Did one of these games bring you some back memories? :)

And well I started playing and beat it in 4 hours :) Weird thing when I did beat it the game told I lasted only 1 hour with 48 minutes? :lol: Anyway I had a blast with that game really ;) Expect a review soon :)

Now I have to play Resident Evil Survivor 2: Code Veronica :) After finally finding it the day before yesterday, I'll have to cause both my best friend and my girlfriend also want to play it, so I have to lend it to them :)


This image above is my drawer where I keep my new games and the games that I often play :)

M progress with The Legend of Zelda A Link To The Past:


Already got the second pendant after finding that book :) I'm loving this game so much! :)

Thanks for Reading ;)

My Fatal Frame Series Reviews For PS2

Hey Friends :)

Here you go :)

Fatal Frame 1:

Fatal Frame 2:

Fatal Frame 3:

You may find my reviews interesting and maybe try the games for yourselves :) Any feedback is appreciated :D

My Progress on Zelda: A Link to the Past:


Already got the first pendant: the green pendant :) I really did like the first boss fight :D

Thanks for Reading ;)

Finally I've returned to play a Zelda game once again :D


It feels so good really :) The last Zelda game that I played was: The Legend of Zelda Minish Cap :)

Now I know why you love this game so much :P I love it already as well! :D

Hopefully My savings will allow me to buy a Wii with the help of my brothers :) Cause we finally realized that we need a console where we all can play, not just me and not just violence games :(

Thanks for Reading ;)