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My summer is over and it was Great THANK YOU GUYS! :D

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Today marked my last day of summer vacations this year :( Being in vacations from the University due to political problems since may, I played games, watched Anime, Movies alone and with my Girlfriend :D Going to her house almost everyday, stayed with her practically the whole weekends :lol: Working-she found me the job and I said YES right away:D-Bought and Wii both for she and me with my payment and we're waiting for it to arrive... I can say my summer was GREAT! :D Also: THANK YOU GUYS :) You Rock :D

Thanks for Reading! :D

Funny Blog :)

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Hey Friends :D

Just posting funny memes and stuff :D





















Hope you liked it :D

Thanks for Reading ;)

Gamespot will Change... My thoughts

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Hey Friends :D

Surely you know already by all those exaggerated blogs about people leaving and stuff(including me) and for the recent hate in blogs, unions and fuse regarding the ones that like the Ideas and the others that don't, I know some user who is really happy about this and enjoying the suffering of others but I don't want any more problems with him so I won't even mention his username, thank God I'm not following him :)

Now back to the point in hand, I was one of the users who by a way or another treated Gamespot staff in bad way thanks to the sudden changes they announced and of course our reaction wasn't exactly a good one :( We(some of us) saw the bad way of it and the sad but true reality it will bring(mostly unions) disappearing :cry: Blogs also being touched by the changes and Fuse as well but what worries me the most is that some friends didn't liked the changes at all and began saying they'll leave, some really have and others were such upset and right now are thinking in a more calm and mature way :)

As for me I've been thinking and all we can do right now is to continue to express our doubts and thoughts about the new changes so Gamespot doesn't change things like they wanted but a little more like we want :) and use Gamespot: blogs, unions and Fuse as more as we can before it changes forever :( I'm very active in Fuse and in here as well :)

Gamespot Staff: I'm sorry for what I might have thought about you, your users favourite game site fate is in your hands and we... or at least some of us, will take the changes like we always had, I've been here over 4 years now and can say the changes haven't been that good but this one right now is something different :( Good luck to you all ;)

Thanks for reading :)

Don't leave Gamespot please!!!

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Hey friend, the few ones remaining :(

Please don't leave Gamespot, staff must change something about those stupid changes and do something better for the unions and FUSE, let's stay please, I know it's hard and annoying that Gamespot ruins our social life in the Internet and just what we like the most: Videogames, but we really want to lose contact with each other? is that really what we want? :(

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Finally... I'm Going to buy a Wii!

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Hey friends :D

It may in September or in October, I will buying a Wii for sure :D Now my question is:

I'm going to buy it for $140-149 on Amazon, it's the price good? :D

Thanks for Reading :D