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Anyone still remember me?

It's been about 5 months since my complete absence from GameSpot forum activity, and I'm not even sure that people still remember me around here.

If you do, then please drop a reply so I won't feel myself forgotten in the midst of internet wilderness.

My brother's birthday .......

My brother had his 26th birthday today, and I got insanly drunk (all this Caucasian traditions with wine), and I got school tomorrow including a test in American History. meh, I hope I won't confuse stuff tomorrow. damn wine

I'll be absent!

Most of you might have noticed that I don't post as much as I did.
Well, I'll be going on vacation soon and I won't even be able to come here, so don't think I'm dead or anything lol.
I'll be back.

Vista Transformation Pack 4

I recently tried out Vista Transformation Pack 4, which transformed my XP fully into Vista, the results are awesome (refer to images below), and I didn't have to install any icon packs or themes! Forget WindowsBlinds or whatever you're using, you'll need a whole set of separate packs to make your XP like Vista, but with VTP4 it takes only 2 minutes to transform into Vista without any problems!
Here are the screenshots I took!!


This is a small animation I rolled up in Flash, all characters and settings are not by me, but I redrew everything.
Please tell me your opinions cause I don't have enough inspiration to continue working on this project.