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Ideas for Lord of the rings conquest 2

Without a doubt lotr conquest was a good idea it just was not fully developed I believe that the best way EA can get conquest to be great is very easy and here is it what they should do.

First off, the gameplay is far to simple even on the hardest difficulty it is very easy to beat the enemies what needs to be done to change this is add a Assassins Creed combat system, I say this becuase conquest is a medieval style game with swords, bows, and knives so the best way to make this style better is to add in amazing sword duels and amazing finishers next is the classes the four that are available are basic classes the warrior, the archer, the rogue, and the mage these characters are not well designed and they are not enough, first add two more classes the Assassin and the Engineer, now for skills for the warrior, change them into a more stronger class increasing their attack and make their speed lower than every class except for the engineer and the mage also have it to where they have to pick up the axe before they can use it again, their basic attacks will be like it is now except the circle attack will be a powerful side slash followed by a punch which knocks they enemy backwards, the special attacks should be more attack centered, no magic have the square attack be shoulder tackle that breaks the enemies guard or sends them flying backwards, the triangle attack should be a poweful side ways slash the causes half health of damage to the opponent but it can be blocked, the circle will be a stab attack that does 1/4 health damage and has a 10% chance to instanst kill. The archer is a pretty simple class aim at target and shoot I agree with their attacks and skills what they need though is a set amount of arrows probably 30 arrows and when they run out they have to restock. The rogue is rather overpowered their energy bar fill up way to fast so you can assassinate a target and then attack a few time stealth then repeat, to fix this, I believe taking away their stealth is necessary make them a fast attack class like how the scout is on tf2, to accomplish this add in more attacks based on throwing knives so the rogue can toss knives with differents tips example poisen and stun while have the circle attack remain the bomb plant move they have right now change their r2 attack to bomb bolos that wrap around the enemy stunning them then exploding for a quick escape. The mage is overpowered plain and simple, this however is a good thing the mage is a glass cannon the stays behind their allies and fires lightning and fireballs over their heads for a deadly combination of unblockable magic, the basic attack needs to be changed to airblast attacks that send the enemy back a bit but doesn't  knock them down this is so the mage can escape from the enemies when they try to attack them, the special square attack should remain the healing ability, the special triangle attack should be a a light blast attack for the good team and a plague attack for the bad team the light blast is a focused beam of light that causes unblockable damage for 5 seconds, keep the special circle attack the same, the force field can stay but make it have a limit of how many hits it takes and have it block enemies from entering the field also mages can destroy the force fields easier with their trianlge abilities. The assassin will take the stealth ability and assassinate ability which can be used when stealth or when unstealth as long as the assassin is behind the enemy also make the assassinations be varied so that you get a different assassination every time, their square attack will be four attacks, the triangle attack be three attacks and on the third attack if it is not blocked cripples the oppenent, the circle attacks will be two attack that end with the assassin throwing down a smoke bomb to stun the enemy allowing him to escape danger. For special attacks have these based on health degen, unblockable, and a escape technique where the assassin roundhouse kicks the enemy then backflips and drops a smoke bomb for an escape, finally the R2 attack will be a smoke bomb that is thrown like how the rogue does now causing a stun effect for 10 seconds allowing the assin to either escape or get behind the enemy. The engineer will be a very supportive and slow class that can build walls, catapults, and ammo stations to build these the need supplies which be taken from enemies or building the engineer starts with 200 supplies enough to build four walls, two ammo stations, or one catapult their basic attacks have the engineer pull out a blunderbuss that when used send the enemy flying even when they are defending, if the enemy is not guarding the enemy takes 3/4 damage, if guarding it does a small amount of damage, the special attacks are the building I mentioned earlier. A not so important thing is the graphics they need to be improved but it is not as important as gameplay. Finally the hereos are almost identical in gameplay as the basic classes this has to be changed, hereos need to offer more to the game, they need to be fun to play as.

my opinion of what makes a dlc good

In video games of this time we have dlc or downloadable content these can range from costumes to characters or even stages, but what is a good idea for how dlcs should be done? This is my answer to that question

first is price, I really don't like paying $5.00 for a costume or costume pack it fells like a waste even if the costume is awesome looking, the way I see it costumes and wallpapers should be free to downloadbecuase they are just for looks they don't enhance the experience any they just make you look cool. If it is a new character or stage price it based on how people react to it for example lets say that capcom tells people they are releasing megaman for ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 and people react with cheers and praise for that one you could charge more but not past $15 same with stages.

second is content, you can't just release a dlc with very little content and expect people will want like it, putting effort into a dlc is imperitive if you want it to succeed take for instance festival of blood and harley quinns revenge those were unbelievably successful why becuase they were well made this can be said for all types of dlcs becuase if a costume is uninteresting nobody will want it.

finally should you release a dlc instead of making a new game, this depends on what you intend to add in the new game if all your gonna do is add 2 new characters and a new stage releasing that as a dlc would the wiser course of action however if you build another game all together and combine it with the first then making a new game will be a great idea, capcom is a company which is notorias for making a new game when they should just make a dlc instead( ultimate mvc and super street fighter4) if you need a good example of what they keep doing watch the angry joe show rant on youtube where he talks about ultimate mvc, a game that I feel has properly done the new game with added content thing is dynasty warriors 7 xtreme legends, with xtreme legends you get 2 new characters, a new mode and, a ton of new maps plus the ability to remix which adds the story mode and conquest mode in dw7.

This is my honest opinion of how dlcs should be done in the future it would be better than charging$5 for a costume pack and would have people buying dlcs more.

Bleach Soul Ressurrecion 2 ideas

After playing the game, I found myself wanting there to be a second one released but with a few changes.

The first of these changes would be the characters available, there are so many different people in the bleach series which is why when I heard the low amount of characters available it almost had me not buy the game. The characters that I think would make for good additions for a second game would be people like matsumoto, the two lieutenants under kenpachi, and Isshen Kurosaki(I think thats ichigo's dad).

The gameplay was amazing but a little weird when trying to attack so that needs to be worked on, I think taking out the lock on feature and making it more like dynasty warriors 7 style would help.

If they use a larger story (either based off the anime or a entirely different story) they could really get people into the game becuase honestly I loved the story and wanted it to be longer.

Now one idea that i like is making a create a character, in my opinion this would be awesome in evey hack and slash game but this one could really make this feature amazing due to the large number of looks and weapons in bleach.

So these are my thoughts on what make a good second game if you have any ideas feel free to leave a comment


I have been playing this game recently and I've found that it is very fun however there is one thing I want changed and thats the guest system. The system in place is great but it has three flaws which in my opinion need to be fixed.

The first is how you add guest to your party, when dragonfable got started it was understandable to go to each person you want as a guest and add them that way however since they have added more guest I believe they should make it possible to get guest by going to the logbook and clicking on a guest tab which has a list of all the guest available however you can't add them right away you need to unlock them like say you want artix in order to unlock him you need to beat the necropolis missions then you just click on the tab that has artix and add him to your party.

The second is the old guest not matching your level, this is a major complaint becuase i like having artix on my team but he is such a low level guest that i usually pick rolith instead the dragonfable people can fix this by having all guest scale to your level.

The final is the amount of guest available, I like that the dragonfable people have been working on new classes and the games new story however the amount attention placed into guest characters is almost non-existent they can add characters like xan,warlic, and tomix since they already have their skill setups just adjust xan and warlic so they aren't too overpowered.

So these are my thoughts of what should be done for the guest characters if anybody knows how to make recommendations to dragonfable I would really appreciate the information.

Thoughts about One Piece Pirate Warriors

Without a doubt, I already know im gonna get this game as soon as I can, but I can't deny I have concerns about the game. The first and probably biggest concern is the amount of characters announced from what I've seen there are about 15 characters to play as, this is not a big deal if they put effort into making these 15 characters incredibly unique like what was done in Sengoku Basara Samurai Heroes. Another concern is the dlc's with only 15 characters it would be a good idea to make character dlcs becuase although the characters already in there are great choices they left out other characters that would be excellent as well (examples are Crocodile, the 3 admirals, and even Sengoku). These are my main concerns about the game I'm hoping that the game turns out to be awesome becuase it may make koei want to try other anime people like naruto or even expand on this one making a another one piece pirate warriors with even more content and characters.

Koei making a marvel warrior game would it be good or bad

So with Warriors Orochi 3 and the large amount amount of characters they had in it and still being quite an amazing game in general I started thinking koei should give Marvel a try. The question now is how would they make it, I thought about it and came up with a good idea for a starting point.

Characters would be from the comics and movies, their movesets will be their style of fighting take for example hawkeye if you just push triangle he switches between ranged and melee fighting his ranged moveset would have him firing different arrows depending on the charge attack timing and melee would have him using his bow like a club sort of like how xu zhu attacks but more focused on stuns and knockbacks. Also their should be an option to change the musou attack to any three musou attacks like say you're playing as Iron Man you can chose between using the proton cannon from Marvel vs Capcom 3 which can be moved around just before firing, the unibeam which is more powerful but it can't be aimed and is slightly smaller in size, or a shockwave attack that stuns target that aren't defeated by the attack

The story could be how it is in the comics or it can be like how the story was in gundam vs zeta gundam were each character has their story and be completing certian conditions you unlock a new story

so thats what I've thought of so far, I would like to give the idea to koei however I don't know how, if anybody has any ideas feel free to leave them or if you know how to give ideas to koei then I would really appreciate you telling me.

Violence in games, is it necessary?

In many games released in 2011 and 2012 there is one thing in commen at that is that they are M-rated and very often they are M-rated becuase of unnecessary stuff in the game. The greatest example of this is the very popular first-person shooter Call of Duty Modern Warfare series. In the first game you participate in a sniper mission in which you shoot a man's off this is a very realistic scenario but realistic war violence should never be allowed in video games for the fact that kids will be seeing the violence and as a result they will become more violent and unemotional to the pain of others. Unless something is done the U.S. children will gradually devolve into unemotional, desrespectful, and violent adults