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My reply to video about real value of Collector's Editions

Posted here:

"Every person is unique! Some things in CE like coins, statues, story and art books, videos with extras etc are great for inspiration plus they have nice nostalgic value.

Of course, certain CEs are disappointing since things are made without much inspiration, for purely commercial purpose. But please let's respect creative value of some games.

If you enjoy specific art and lore it's your right to purchace CE cause material forms of some virtual things you experienced only in digital world have really great inspirational and nostalgic value - even for casual gamer, not so addicted to gaming itself.

There are never too many things which have real value for specific person, so few CEs won't really hurt, unless you are CE-holic, addicted to living in virtual world and treating endless CEs as continuation of gaming obsession in real world."