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Fable is one the best games on the orignal Xbox and man is it addicting, I cant put it down and the battles are amazing. You get to choose your own path the path of evil or the path of goodness. I am more in the middle doing both good and evil deeds. I highly reconmend getting an xbox jsut to plat this games. I might even ask for a Xbox360 for my bday along with Fable 2, Halo 3, Gears of War 1+2 and, Left 4 Dead. (Not all those games but that is my Xbox360 wishlist.)

My first moderation!

I thought I could avoid this by some people on gamespot are too much to handle. I started a topic that asked why isn't my Nazi Zombies working and an xbox fanboy said that what I get from buying a PS3. But it wasn't even the PS3's fault. So I said if he had any brains he would look at my post and not spam. I told him to go back from where he came from and thus getting moderated.


Genesis940 wrote: I wanted to play some nazi zombies with my friend on split screen and it says I don't have it! I have had it for months now and been playing it a lot and now because of some double xp weekend and everyone gets nazi zombies i lose it! I can still play online zombies but i dont want to someone please help!

Genius: I aplogize for you lose of the awesomeness.... but i guess that what you pretty much get from buying the ps3 one maby it will come back?

Me: I have had the ps3 for 2 years no problems and if you genius had any brains treyarch screwed something up when they started double xp weekend. Next time read my post and keep your fanboy comments in the system wars

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My Completed Games - V1

My Completed Games and my Trophy Card

Spyro the Dragon

Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage

Little Big Planet

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Warhawk - once in while

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Resistance 2 - second most

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(It is hard to play single player games when you are in a clan and have lots of school work!)

Blog Post 2 - The Collector

Well I'm back in Post number 2 and I got big news. Today I went out to buy myself a Xbox Original at Disc Replay. The deal was awesome and I got 6 games and a xbox for under 90 bucks. I dind't have much to choose from at that Disc replay but I got Fable (So far I love it!), Halo (Never played Halo before), Shadow the Hedgehog(Friend said it was was fun), Lord of the rings(Loved the movie and loved playing the hobbit so I got that.), and some Kingdom under fire game that I thought looked cool. I decided that I'm going to be collectiing games form now on and so now I'll be buying all the gameboys there, the dreamcast, snes, nes and the dreamcast. I'm also gonna pick up some controllers fro my PS2 since they are all borken same for my N64. I might also get the orignal PS1 for 20 bucks if I find the money and time. This is a huge amount of money just to spend for old games so I might not go through with it and focus on this generation but I might become a mini collector. Not the one that keeps everything in a cabinet and isnt allowed to touch it. The collector that finishes all the games and never sells them back to the store. Also, I beat the second world of Spyro 2 with 75% completion I'm going to finsh it really soon. I don't understand why all this hate for the newer Spyro's like Heroe's tail and enter the dragonfly. I must just be a die hard spyro fan. Well stick around for Blog post 3.

[EDIT] - I also want to add in if anyone is interested in making a union with me please leave a comment.

Blog Post 1 - The Beginning

Well hey guys, I guess I'm going to be on Gamespot. I am of course a gamer and I currently am going through all my games and completing them. If I don't remember them or haven't finished them, I start from the beginning and don't move on to another game until I'm done with it. I recently finished Little Big Planet and OMG was the Acing a frustration but in the end I got it and now I think Little Big Planet has no replay value until more expansion packs release. Since I have only completed the first Metal Gear Solid. There is no way in hell I'm going to play LBP MGS. So I moved on to Spyro the Dragon on my psp. I finished it shortly since it is my favorite game, but the sad part is that I have never seen the ending. The most I ever went to was 75% during the PS1 ages. I got 120% on it which is surprising such a percentage is even possible. I now moved to Ripto's Rage and it feels weird playing that game like I went back in time or something and it feels so good! The good old days of my childhood are slowy returning to my memory the sad part is that my adolensence is quickyly going too! I have already beat the firat world of Spyro 2 and moved to the next. (i absoulty love the boss battles.) On my PS3 I finished R:FToD and then went on to challenge mode which surprisly adds so much replay value that I started playing again. Then I took a break from it and decided to keep going with the story with Quest for Booty and I am currently at the part where you a pirate gives you riddles and you have to find the combonations of soda drinks. It was a fun side thing to the quest. I hate however that there is no weapons for most of the games and I almost quick of boredom but like I said before I cant because I'm on a mission to beat all my games 100% every the most horrible ones. Well enough said I will be seeing you guys on GS Forums preferably the PS3 forums. Also if you'd like to add me on PSN my id is Nowak94.