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Call of Duty Constant arguement. Modern warfare. or WaW.

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There are plenty of "Die Hards" on call of duty modern warfare one and WaW. which proves them to all be great games. but the fact of the matter is. you cannot tell someone a game is better then the other. WaW is my favorite. zombies, world war. everyone is even with killstreaks. the gameplay is a little more fair. but lacks achievments. and I will admit my favorite part in call of duty modern warfare 2 is that you can CHOOSE your killstreak, which is arguably fair and unfair. you have to be better to get a higher kill streak, but fact is some people are just better or lucky. However titles and emblems regardless are very entertaining and add to the achievments plus, i enjoy getting a new title or emblem ALOT i think it is alot of fun to see the green new sign over a cool new title. very self rewarding. and another plus to modern warfare maps, they are VERY LIGHT. nice to play on. not too dark. i like that alot. thermal is nice, and FMJ is nice. but back in WaW it was nice to know when you were hiding you didnt have to have cold blooded to know you were hidden. i enjoy overkill in WaW and find it more fair then everyone having a primary weapon labbelled secondary. the games are hard to decide from but over all. i like the War setting in WaW over the Terrorist hunting setting in MW2.