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The long hell road to getting an Xbox 360 Elite has finally ended!

At long last I have finally got my Xbox 360 Elite! Here is the story...

After first acquiring the money for it last week, without hesitation I went straight down to GAME only to get disappointed because they were all sold out. I then went to Blockbuster, Woolworths, Gamestation and HMV, but still no luck! As there was not enough time to travel elsewhere to look, I went to order it online. I found a decent price for it on eBay to be sent Special Delivery and then purchased it there. Unfortunately for me, an hour later the eBay user selling them sent me this email:

Hi, thankyou for your prompt payment. Unfortunately, we have been informed some elite consoles are having software issues and our stock has been returned to our supplier to ensure we do not sell consoles with this problem. New stock is coming early next week. If you are happy to wait we will ship it then, if not, we can refund your payment in full immediately. Sorry for any inconvenience but hope you understand our position.

Software issues? First time I have heard that :|. He then issued me a full refund to my card last Wednesday, so I wouldn't be expecting the money to clear in my bank until Monday...

Earlier this morning, I logged into my Halifax account and got a huge surprise... It seems that they count Saturdays as working days as well as my refund has been cleared :D. I was then originally going to order the Elite from, but after speaking to one of my friends on the phone, he suggested I just get the halo 3 edition and then buy the 120GB hardrive cheap on eBay. I then went to GAME to get it, however another surprise was in store for me... They have the Elites in stock!

Now I have finally got what I was originally after :D.

My first blog post!

Hello everyone, I think it is time to start making blog posts as I can't stand this "Start Your Blog, Speak Your Mind" link in my view everyday I check my profile; this first blog post has put a stop to it ;)