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Recovery Time of Penumonia?

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Does anyone know the recovery time for a 47yr old woman who had smoked cigarettes for a good 30yrs with Pnumonia? I need my mom to be well by April 8th, which is a very very important date for me.

My Union, the Military History Union, is currently MIA, which means its not active enough according to GameSpot. :roll: We need some help, so if you have an interest in History, Military History, or anything to do with history, please join!

My Mom Is SIck.

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My mom got the flu at the same time as me. We took her to the doctor today since I am well and all, and she hasnt changed. She has Bacterial Pneumonia Type 1. She should be alright since we got her some powerful anti-biotics...that costed 200$. She is already feeling better. :)

Happy St Patricks Day!

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Yeah, 20 minutes late. :P

I had the classic St Patty's day meal of cabbage, corn beef, and potatos. Yay Ireland! Our food is better than England's!

BTW, I am of 50% Irish heritage, the other 50% is English/Welsh.

I Have the Flu

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Yessah, I is teh sickness. My fever is peaking around 103. Very nice, im sweating like a pig all the time. It also made more pleasant because I also have an intestinal problem, so I am constantly releasing flatulence that smells like a sewer pipe. Life is wonderful, especially when everything else crashes down around you.

Entry Thirteen: Annex'd and Worst. WWE Raw. Moment. EVAR!

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Here is a tragedy. I watch WWE Raw tonight, that is a Professional Wrestling show. And as we all should know, wrestling is fake and scripted with soap-opera-esque storylines. Tonight, it got real.....insulting. Earlier this year, the wrestler Matt Hardy was fired. This was because he commented on his website about how his real-life girlfriend Lita(real name: Amy Dumas) had an affair with Edge(real name: Adam Copeland). The WWE(World Wrestling Entertainment) fired Matt for this. Then, the WWE made a storyline where Lita cheated on her "husband" Kane, with Edge. Now, this was blatantly a shot at Matt Hardy. But tonight, Edge and Lita were "married". During the ceremony, Matt's movie and entrance video played, suggesting that him being fired was part of the story, a work. But no. The WWE has been insulting the poor man for a good 3 months now, and they mock the fans by faking his return. Nothing. WWE can go to hell.
Note: I am a big fan of Matt Hardy and his brother Jeff. They are actually from North Carolina, like myself.

In Imperial Glory today, I had a 3 year war with Moldavia and Lombardy. I decimated Lombardy early on, but Moldavia got support from Mother Russia. I signed a painful Peace Treaty with Russia, then mauled Moldavia. I destroyed their army with 4 units of Hungarian Hussars. So, the Moldavians got HUSSAR'D!

I had BBQ Chicken for supper.

Entry Twelve: Yeeeep.

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Yeep......lots of boredom here. BOREED! This reminds me of possibly my favorite moment in my pathetic life.....

1995, A young GeneralCortez is in kindergarten. I was put into school a year late because my mom thought I was to be enrolled in first grade, but I was instead put into kindergarten, a place where my intelligence was sqaunderd.

The teacher, Mrs Warren was teaching the alphabet. She had been teaching the sounds of letters very slowly. That she finally got to b. After a good 5 minutes of BUH BUH BUH BUH BUH, I called out...BUHORING! Everyone in class laughed their asses off. I got into trouble, but my mom took no action against me since at that time I already knew the alphabet, I could read, write, and do simple mathematics. In 1997 I started to read my mother's novels, stuff my Steven King and such. Later, I started to read Star Wars novels since I am a huge nerd.

I saw Batman Begins today, and my mom bought me the PC game, Imperial Glory.

Entry Ten: An Empire Has Fallen

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Yep. My Holy Roman Empire in Medieval: Total War has fallen. I had a long war with the Pope and my people did not approve. Soon I had a rebellion on my hands. The rebels under my Emporer's own son, Prince Adolf, took over my capital, Austria. I couldnt seige the fortress I had built there.

I will award a cookie to whomever can name another Adolf who came from Austria.

I went to the Rodeo yesterday and today. Todays was much better, the Bulls were more angry.

Entry Nine: Getting Medieval on yo ass

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To my delight I have found out that increasing the resolution of Medieval: Total War makes the graphics better. Now those filthy Hungarians and the Papacy will feel the wrath of the HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE! BAH GAWD!

I had pizza for supper. I finished Math Test 80 in my school work so all I have to do know is print out my compositions and do the spelling test. Once its done I will force my mom to buy me Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic 2: The Sith Lords for my PC. On that note, heres my PC's stats

Intel Pentium 4 2.4 GHZ Cental Processing Unit
ATI Radeon 9000 Pro 64MB Video Card
80 GB Hard Disc Drive
DVD-ROM drive
CD-RW drive

Its sucky but im saving up for a better video card and a bigger Hard Drive.

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