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Hi, I'm a bored gamer.

I have come to a horrible conclusion about me being a gamer, I am a bored gamer. There, I said it, I pretty much have no interest in gaming at the moment.I mean, I have plenty of good games in my collection, Dead Space 3, Tomb Raider, BF3, SimCity (ya, I said SimCity is a good game) MLB The Show 13.... but I have this extremely heavy feeling of "been there, done that" with all of them.


I'm sitting here kicking around the feelings that, maybe I am done with gaming, maybe I need to move on to a new hobby, maybe I just need to walk away for a bit? I have a stronger desire to fill my mouth with Jalapeno peppers, than to play anything out on the market rigiht now. I really only play online with one person, even though I have about 40 on my friends list, and I know it's because I have no common interest in any of the games those friends are playing.

I also think some of it has to do with the amount of time I spend here on GS, I am coming up on my 8th year here, have seen it go through many changes, and have participated on many levels. In my opinion, this place has turned into a puddle of hate. Gamers aren't happy with anything, GS can't do anything right, and every day it's the same ole- same ole....

The one forum I hang at, is dominated by Brits, with the time difference there is a lot of slow time there, and they talk funny so I have been spending less and less time there as well. AND, one of the members is female, so obviously she knows nothing about gamers so who am I supposed to talk with?


What is a gamer to do? Should I trade in my systems and just wait until the next gen has to offer? Should I keep them and just hope something comes along to spark my intereset again? Or do I just throw my arms up in the air and scream "WHY MEEEEEEEEE! WHY!!!!!!!!"





OH... almost forgot. Yesterday I saw this awesome vehicle on the road near my house.