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Chalk Talk

So, last week, or maybe it was two weeks ago, GS launched a new feature that is intended to put user blogs back in the spot light called Chalk Talk.

Has anybody figued out how to get to this feature? I can't see a link, icon or anything that guides me to it, and I know it was up. Is it gone, or am I just missing something?

How do you feel about this?

I'm sure many people have heard about Defiance , and I am also sure many people have not.

My question is, as a "gamer", how do you feel about this very ambitious project? If, and that's a big IF, they do it right, it has a chance. But, IMO, even if they knock the cover off it, it will still fail. Why you ask, because of their target audience, US gamers.

As a community in general, we are never happy with anything, always nitpicking and over analyzing everyting. One key focus of this project is in incorporate events from the TV show, into the game, and events from the game, into the TV show. I can already here it, people will be crying about "that's not how it happend" or they will be complaining that their precious god like character did not get mentioned. The game side of it will also inevitably be compared to WoW, no matter how different it might be.

With all that said, I am still looking foward to this. I mean, who does not like watching a tragedy unfold right in front of their eyes.... right?


Please help, if you can.

Good morning Gamespot!

It's been a while since I have done a proper blog, SO, this won't be one :)

Just wanted to take a quick moment to ask for your assistance. As many of you know, last month I lost a dear friend to cancer, a long time gammer buddy. This October I will be running in my first ever 5k event, it's what's called a Zombie Run . Well, I have decided to also turn this in to a fundraiser, with charity donations going to the American Cancer Society.

I know we all get asked to make donations to multiple events, and there is NO pressure here, but if you feel you can donate anything at all, no matter how small, please visit my webpage . Any amount will help fight a disease that has probably touched all of us at one point or another.

Thanks in advance for any donations you may send.


Stylish Crazy Action

Stylish Crazy Action. Who comes up with these level names?

It's Friday, what is normally a fun day to look forward to has started off with a very sad event. Just outside of Denver CO, during a midnight viewing of The Dark Knight 14 people were shot and killed, another 50 injured. My thoughts go out to all that have been effected by this tragic event.

Stacey is out of town, again, so I have no plans for this weekend except for getting back to the gym, I gained almost 7lbs on vacation and have had a hard time getting back into the swing of things!

Gaming: pftpftpftpft.. I feel like I have crawled into a gaming hole, I have no desire to try anything new, and seem to keep with BF3 and Hockey, and Hockey is probably getting traided in this week.

Hey, who do you think would win this race?


On a side note, we always need something to look forward to, to help us keep moving forward as the day to day blues try to get the better of us. I know it's only July, but I am already looking forward to our next trip in Feb, to Costa Rica. THEN, after that, we already booked our next BIG vacation, back to Europe next June!


BTW, this is the type of ship we take these vacations on....


That's it, hope you all have a great weekend!

Physically back from vacation, mentally, not so much.

We have returned from our trip to Romania, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia and Hungary. As expected, it was awesome, I will be posting SOME of my 1800 pics soon.

On a side note, my friend did pass away while we were gone :( Even though I knew it was going to happen, getting the phone call while out of the country was hard, but I do feel better knowing that he is no longer in pain, and that we did have a chance to say goodbye.

Vacation Notes:

It was HOT, really F#$KING HOT the entire trip

Europe, needs to discover air conditioning!

While they are at it, learn what ICE is.


War is very common in Eastern Europe



old buildings

Ice cream

currency with LOTS of "zeros" behind the leading number




Goodbye Friend

First off, I wanted to thank everybody for your advice on whether or not I should call my good friend who is very sick. I took the advice, last night I spoke with him, it was maybe the hardest thing I have ever had to do, many tears were shed. I know I did the right thing, even though it hurts like almost nothing can, he is in a lot of pain, this made the conversation even more painful for lack of a better word

I know I needed to talk to him, I know there is extremely little chance of him still being with us when I return from vacation. I realize I am not the first, or only one that has lost a great friend, and I thank you all for your strengh and guidence with this, it helped a lot.

DW....... I feel like I am losing a brother, and best friend. The past few weeks have been difficult to an extreme, I can't replace you as our right wing, I can't talk to anybody else about photography, and our xbox banter about politics will never be replaced. It has been 12 yrs of late nights, fun visits and great conversation....... miss ya buddy.

Vacation is almost here!

It's that time again, vacation is T-4 days away! Friday evening, we leave on a 17 day trip to Hungary, Serbia, Croatia and Romania. The big part of this trip (for me) will be 5 days up in the Carpathian Mountains where we will visit "Draculas Castle"


It does not hurt that by the time we get there, I will have just finished the book Abraham Lincoln Vapmire Hunter :)

I hope everybody's summer is off to a good start and that you get to do some fun stuff!

In the famous words of Jbul

****** WARNING ******

The following is a somewhat censored rant. It might offend people, it might sound like I am uneducated (which I am compared to many people) It might not make sense, you may not agree with it, but in the end, it's a rant and in the famous words of Jbul, I just don't give a flying Eff what you think.


You know what happens in life, people get F****D. Bad things happen, to good people while a$$holes continue along their merry way. People might say it's "all part of the plan" yeah, well... I can tell you where to put that plan. There is no "god" that decides to "bring people home". You know what that is? Bad things happening to good people.

I am not disillusioned about life, I know it's not fair. I have learned that lesson way to many times to argue it. I think "religion" is there for the same reason as a home security system, or the TSA, to keep honest people honest. And even then, religion fails to keep many honest people honest.

People need to get over the fact that corporations, and small businesses are in the game of... wait for it, MAKING MONEY! You are not owed anytihing by them, just as you owe them nothing in return. A small business owner, does NOT owe it to you to supply you with anything except a JOB if you are selected for it. If you are not, tough sh!t, move along. If you don't like a companies product or policies, don't buy them or follow them. Don't stand in the street screaming "give me give me give me" becaues you only look like a fool. Don't like the way it is, go start your own company. Ohh sorry, you were dealt a poor hand in life? Read my statement above about it not being fair. I have fought tooth and nail for everything i have, I have tried to make my self better than the next. Life is about survival of the fittest, that's called nature, always been that way, always will.

Does that thought process make me an ass? It might, in your eyes. What it does do is give me self worth, self pride and the attitude of "I did it on my own" without handouts from the masses. Now, with that said. I do undertand that SOME people need a little help along the way, I have been one of them, and I am sure I will need help on something in the future. BUT, what happend to a fare days wage for a fare days work? Not, "oh just give me stuff for nothing in return" You want welfare and are not physically or mentally disabled, then get out and clean the streets for us, help build or fix things, you can cook! great, get in a state run kitchen, DO SOMETHING besides stick your hand out.

You want to own a house, but can't afford the payments you agreed to even though you did not lose your job, sorry, looks like you need to move out. You signed the paper, OHHH that's right, you were "mislead" and did not understand what you were signing so that now means other people either poney up and pay for your house, or you go find another living situation.

OMG, your food is tainted with something you don't want to eat.... go grow your own. HEY! that gun that killed your friend as he walked down the street, it must be the manufactures fault, go sue them. Do the same with the people that made the car that killed your sister because the driver was drunk, oh, sue the bar owner and anybody else that was there that night drinking.

One more thing, you don't think gay couples should be allowed to marry and be in a legal union? Stay in your house, cover the windows, block the doors, caues I'm sure their all coming to force themselves on you. Stay bunkered down until your god comes to sort it all out. Let's see how long that takes.

Crap like THIS is what sets me off. I forgot WE'RE ALL WINNERS! Nobody can be better than us, you can never lose. What a gem.

You have a choice. You can throw in the towel or use it to wipe the sweat off your face.


Hey, anybody interested in some BF3 this weekend?

So there I was...

Yesterday, I was home, working, like I do 4 days a week (the 5th day I am in my office) when suddenly I decided to log into Steam to see what was new. Well, 6 hrs later I was at year 1875 in my CIV 5 game.