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Society is a bad influence, not video games

With the recent events here in the states, another horrible, senseless school shooting, the inevitable ties between the event, and video games just had to come out. There was no other choice, video games are the cause of all evil right?

With that said, and with so many people wanting to point the finger and our hobby, I decided to take a good look at myself, things I have done in real life based on what I have done in video games. Ya, I could not find anything. BUT I did find something even more shocking, more terrifying than I could ever have expected. Real world life, has made me do things in games, games have made me do nothing in real life!

I know wow.

Let me give you some examples:

1) Last night while playing FarCry 3, I planted a road side bomb, and blew up a passing jeep. I have also done this multiple times in BF3. I wonder where I got that idea? Maybe watching the news about the wars around the world and seeing that tactic used in real life?

2) In a video game, I once drove a NASCAR around in a circle for 2 hrs. I saw that on TV too but have never done it in real life.

3) While playing FallOut 3 I walked into a building and cleared it out, I will leave it to your imagination on how I did it. Again, events in the real world made me do it.

4) In Viva Pinata I planted trees and a entire garden! Know why? Because I saw my neighbor do it in his real life yard.

5) I was once in NYC and saw a cabbie driving like a stockcar racer. Know what I did? When I got home I played some GTA4, stole a cab, and drove through the city like a complete a-hole.

6) While playing NHL 13 I started a fight with another player because I saw this happen on TV during a real game.

The list can go on and on, I hope its easy to see how real life has influenced my gaming life. Im really pissed off, because normally I would not do all that bad stuff I think I need to sue society for making me a bad person in virtual reality.

It's not Jamaica.....

Ya, boooo for me, going to Chicago this weekend for a quick, one night visit with my Mom and sister for a "holiday" dinner.... because I was not here for T-Day and won't be going home for X-Mas. What is wrong with these people, it's COLD IN CHICAGO!

I finally made the jump to 4G yesterday, picked up the new HTC DNA phone, so far I LOVE IT!

Everybody have a great weekend.....



So here I sit, all nice and relaxed after five beautiful days in Jamaica, not even the threat of 2 inches of snow today can shake my calm. You know why? Because in 71 days I will be here......


Costa Rica here we come! This place is part of our Vacatin Club, and we used our air miles program to pay for our flights, 7 days of sun and fun!

Games, wait, what? Ya, I still play. How did I not hear that a new Ratchet & Clank game came out today? And Far Cry 3 next week! Way. way to many games in my back log right now.

Books: I read, and finished World War Z while on vacation, thout it was good, and a interesting way to tell a story.

New phone ; So the time has come for me to get a new phone, I'm looking hard at the new HTC DNA, anybody play with one of these yet?

That is all, hope everybody has a great week!

Two days!

In two days, I will be here, in Jamaica!


A nice five days of sun, and some quality time with Stacey and my Kindle. To all my stateside friends, have a GREAT thanksgiving!

Oh, something weird happened yesterday....... I started playing BLOPS II. Can someone PLEASE explain to me the Strike Force missions, holy confusion batman.


This past weekend I ran in my first ever 5k run. The cool thing about it, you had to avoid zombies, and had to complete and navigate multiple obstacles. It was a LOT tougher than I thought it was going to be, but I did complete the entire course, I should make a full recovery about this same time next week :) I ran in memory of a friend, and two family members who all lost their battles with cancer over the past five years and raised $2500 for the American Cancer Society.


Here is Stacey all zombiefied.


Here is a quick THREE MINUTE VIDEO of the run, this was fillmed the same day I ran. Every 30 minutes a wave of 500 people started the run, in total almost 16k people ran over the weekend.

Bring it Sandy!

So, as it turns out.... I am running in my first ever 5k event this weekend. I had a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society tied to it, hit my goal of raising $2500! With that said, I have 6 people coming in from out of town, and are all staying until Monday night and Tuesday morning. That's great! but.... Hurricand Sandy is making her way up the coast and should hit directly over us Monday/Tuesday :( This can make return flights impossible for when they are scheduled.

To all that are in this B!tches path, be safe and try to be prepaired as much as possible to be without power for a few days.

F1 2012 a unbiased review

It's been a long time since I have done any type of game review..... a REALLY long time. I have been playing BF3, NHL 2013, Dishonored, Uncharted 3 and F1 2012, yes, I do infact have gaming ADD. For no real reason I have decided to do this unbiased review of F1. Now, just to be clear, this will be a full, fact filled, unbiased review. That means, NO OPINION will be given, only facts :)


F1 2012, what can I say? It's a racing game. You drive a race car on a racetrack, either on a circut track, or city track. You will make left and right turns. The goal of the game is to beat the other AI drivers in each event.


You use the right trigger for a simulated gas pedal, and the left trigger for the simulated brake. The right stick is used to steer your simulated racing machine. The RB is used to change you camera. The game also includeds the DRS(Drag reduction system) that yo can use by pressing (Y) at designated points during races. If you go to fast around turns, you will crash. If you hit other cars you will cause yourself and other AI drivers to crash. Also, the RS is used to turn your car left and right. LT is used to simulate reverse.


You will see lots of colors that simulated other cars, signs, buildings, people and other objects that make it feel like you are on a race track.


You will hear the sounds of your car (simulated of course) and other surrounding noises.


You have the option of career, season and quick race modes. And, you can go onto the inturwebz and race against other real poeple.

There is also simulated weather. If simulated rain starts to fall, you have the option to switch the tires on your simulated car to better fit the situation.

Over all, I give this game a 8.5

Odds and Ends

Summer has come to a close, not a whole lot going on in the gaming world for me it seems. Still playing lots of BF3, NHL13 and now F1 2012 (that game is hard). Really looking forward to Dishonored, something just looks very interesting to me about that game.

Got a new 32" LED monitor showing up today for the PC, can't wait to get some game on with that bad boy!

Something very odd is going on here in Baltimore, got these in the mail yesterday...


I know the season is nto over yet, and anything can happen, BUT HOLY CRAP is this AWESOME!

Going to Jamaica for 5 days over Thanksgiving, that can't come fast enough!

That's it.


Long, long journey.

Big Smoke, that is my new level here at GS. Man, making it through level 62 was a long journey! Big Smoke.... what, do I live in London now?

Hope everybody had a great weekend! Tonight, we are heading to our first Ravens game of the season!