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My first trip back

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Here I sit, my first time logging in to GS since the new site went live, not feeling the love for this site. The change..... wow, Not sure I have any reason to come back again :(

This blog has no point

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I have no idea why I'm writing this blog, I guess it's because I feel so removed from GS, and gaming in general. Don't get me wrong, I still play games, but only a few, and only for short periods of time, in fact, I have seen my weekely RAPTR report go from playing hours in the 20hr range (or more) to now on average less than 4hrs a week. I know we all go through periods of time like this, but man, this one is feeling more and more permanent, like I have never felt before.

My interest in gaming in general is just... gone, sometimes I feel I play just because it's habit. I have two games on pre-order, for the 360. BF4 and GTA V, if those don't keep me interested I doubt I will be getting either of the new systems.

Gamespot..... I come back because of Pavlov's Law, over the years I conditioned myself to check in to GS every day, now I just sit and stare at it, waiting for something interesting to happen.


Other hobbies.... feels like I can't read enough these days, my Kindle is what gets most of my attention now, sometimes TV, but pftpftpftpft, I hate 99.9% of the crap out there.

Saw two pretty crappy movies recently, Pacific Rim (which I know most of you LOVED) and World War Z. WWZ, man, I know there was really no way for them to translate the book, but ugh... it did nothing for me. Maybe if the do part II it will incorporate things/interviews from the book.

Has anybody ever read Enders Game? That is next on my list after I finish The Passage, by Justin Cronin, which so far is a very interesting vampire story.


That's all I got righ now.



Lets talk books

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Not sure if anybody ever picked up Into The Black, I finished that two book series and am looking forward to the third when ever it is released. SO, I moved on to Wool , winner of the 2012 Kindle Indi Book Of The Year. To say I blasted through this would be a understatement. Then, last week I picked up the second book Shift , I think I read it even faster than Wool.

Wool: Omnibus addition is actually Wool 1-5 combined into one book. Shift Omnibus is Shift 1-3 in one book. The third and final book Dust, no idea of a release date. I can not say enough how much I have enjoyed these books.

Now, as I wait for two "final" books, I used Amazon's feature of "if you bought this, you would like....." and ended up with Extinction Point , this book starts of very fast and throws you right into it. Very short read, about 300 pages. I'm 25% in (started last night) and so far so good. Only reason why I did not read more last night was because I just could not keep my eyes open any longer after a long week so far.

As my desire to game has almost completely fallen apart, I find that I am reading more and more, almost can't get enough of it, I fogot just how much I LOVE it! What books can you all reccomend? I'm open to pretty much anything, but tend to stick to mostly fiction.

Oh, and if I remember correctly, someone here, maybe JohnS knew someone who put a book out last year... something about a watch? Anybody know of this, it was someone from GS.

Some other books I also recently read..

World War Z

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter

Time Ship

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close

The Hobbit

John Carter


The Sex Lives of Cannibals: Adrift in the Equatorial Pacific

And the Hunger Games series

Calling all followers

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I rarely ever ask for anything from the gaming community, but today I ask for a favor. If you have time, and are interested, I help run, and maintain the Youtube and Facebook pages for Controlled Demolition, and we need more followers!

Please help a gamer out and follow those pages :)

This has been a public service announcement, you will now be returned to what ever else you were doing.

Time to start thinking about....

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Time to start thinking about my upcoming vacation in June/July. We are doing another river cruise, this time visiting Switzerland, Germany, France, Luxembourg and Amsterdam. One of the many things I am looking forward to is THIS Once you go to that page, click on the little gallery pic to see what I'm talking about.

In gaming,

After my huge game purge, I did pick up two titles, one is Kerbal Space Program (on steam), fun, HARD, different kind of game. Also, Stacey and I have taken our first dive into MMO's with Defiance. So far, so good.

Goodbye Backlog!

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FarCry 3


NHL 13




Just like that you are gone, what you have left behind is $130 towards future adventure. BattleField 3, you just barley made the cut.


Tiger Woods 2014, you sexy beyotch, I'm ready for you.