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@lostrib: "I don't care if the game looks better" ... what kind of statement is that.

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@roler42: Looks like despite the fact that it is hard to test for all 4, they are weary about mixing in "master" controls to the puddle of "inferier" controls.

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Gamespot, please save the comment to cookies or something when you try to post a comment, but are not logged in.

I can't count how many times I have tried to reply to somebody, only to realize that when I post, it leads me to the Log In screen and deletes my comment.

I have seen other sites that save the comment, so that after you're logged in, it redirects you back to your saved comment.


Or simple, don't allow commenting, if not logged in.

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This isn't going to kill windows. It's a streaming solution. Not even close to killing windows, let alone in terms of software or application support. You need Native support before you even begin to think about numbering windows days. Windows isn't going away for a long time.


While, objectively Windows isn't going away for a long time,  my perspective is quite different.   The only thing I use windows for is browsing the web and playing games.   Seems like a lot of unused overhead if you ask me.  If steam OS is using linux you will get all basic OS functions plus its dedicated to steam services.  I would drop windows essentially.  I would assume Valve has created an experience other than steam on the OS, like skinning linux and providing web browsing and other basic features.

In addition to making a cheap livingroom steambox, I'll make an assumption that many gamers will replace their desktops+windows to desktops+steamOS as they use their Macbooks for their main computer anyway.

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All the games listed here are Open-World games. If you want an ultimate sand-box game, then get EVE Online or Minecraft

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Funny sig
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With this coming quarter probably being the largest list of high-end games in history, I can join those who are waiting for Crysis and Orange Box.

I currently have a 7900gt and an E6400 core2 duo.

Im struggling to know when is the best time to buy an 8800gt. I know the prices have come down since, but whats the news with Nvidia or ATI? Whats the scoop with potential price drops for both companies between now and november?

Anybody know anything that could help me out?

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Is it E3 thats taking up all of gamespot's bandwith? Just going to the home page took me a min. I couldnt even watch E3 live since it never resolved.

Am i the only one?

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Ohh forgot that the graphics has better potential on pc.

e.g. Crysis... Unreal3...  etc...

 p.s.Own a Wii and I actually want to buy a 360 as well.  hehe  but NEVER a ps3.

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with that money u could have bought a 360, thats really what pisses me off with the PCsDarth_Revan_666

Can the 360 manage spreadsheets?  host a server?  write a research paper?  Do your taxes?  Manage your bank account?  Chat online at 70wpm?  Manage and install programs? Browse the web, and actually stream video and audio?   Manipulate images and video?  Sell your xbox360 on ebay?  

The pc has a full qwerty keyboard and a mouse for precision aiming in FPS's.  

Ohh I think a pc can play games as well...Not to mention the great RTS games.  Online multiplayer is much better on PC.

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