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Giant Announcement

So yeah...

Been a longtime, and spent almost all my videogame website time on But with the recent news of Giantbomb and CBS merging, I thought this would be as good a time as any to post a blog here.

It's been almost five and a half years since I first created this account, and have gone from a relatively stupid 8th grader to a college student, who is still pretty stupid.

So just wanted to stop by and say hi, and don't be suprised to see more activity on this blog.

Cool Story Bro

Long time no see Gamespot.

-Upgraded laptop to Windows 7 and threw Windows Vista in the garbage. Literally, it's in a landfill somewhere, right next to a Virtual Boy and some old E.T. cartriges.

-Bought/Played Just Cause 2. I like/ed that game a lot. I got around 51% completion and put in around 38 hours into that game. I have a few more achievments left to get that I will get some time, but getting another 24% in that game just makes me wince.

-Bought/Playing Splinter Cell Conviction. That games real good, better than Double Agent, but not as good s the series peak that was Caos Theory. I still have some more multiplayer achievments left and after that I think I'm done.

-Looking forward to seeing Iron Man 2 later today but as of now am watching Downey in Sherlock Holmes which is pretty great.

Other than that, I look forward to the two comments on this post :P

Oh, I also have had a Twitter account that you can see my daily ramblings on:

Five Games I'm Stoked For 'Updated'

Basically the games I'm looking foward to coming out in the next year, 'hopefully.'

-Brutal Legend. I have been looking foward to this game since it was announced mainly because it's the game coming after the masterpiece that was Psyconauts, and Tim Schafer is great. Also, I wanted to support this game to keep Double Fine alive and to give a finger to Activison.

-Alan Wake. Not much of this game has been shown, but so far it looks really intresting, Max Payne 2 was a great game, and I have trust in the developer that they will not pull a Too Human, by working on a game for years and have it just be 'meh.' The story is the main grab here, but I also want to meddle with the light aspects, and how they affect your foes.

-Fable III. I loved Fable II, and I hope that Fable III continues with excellence that has been following this franchise. Nothing excpet a few concept pictures have been shown, but I'm already stoked for this game.

-Star Wars: The Old Republic. I have never played an MMO before, and I think this is the best place to start off. Bioware has made ecellent games, especially KOTOR. Just the expanded story alone will make me want to play this, but they also seem to not be falling into the same pitfalls that Galaxies fell into by making every cl@ss unique and intresting to play.

-Mass Effect 2. I liked the first Mass Effect a lot, but there were a ton of serious problems in it. Whether it be game breaking glitches, hiccups in the framerate, pop in, or long load times, I still had fun with the game, despite numerous issues. With Mass Effect 2 it looks like they are both fixing those problems and making the overall game better. My only wish is that Bioware will hurry up:D

That's my list, and I think it's pretty good. So what five game's are you stoked for?

I Actually was Going to Start Suscribing...

For the benefits during E3, especially the famous Room 0, but as I jumped on today, I (thankfully) checked my bloglist before updating my account, and saw that Room 0 was gone, so.

Thanks bloglist for saving me money.

And Gamespot, what was the point of removing the chats, from what I heard, they are Java run, and there are many mods that are already in there, so what be the problem?


Toilet Full of Syringes!

So the Hotspot had it's weekly question, and with Shaun McInnis' talk about Saw the Video game, Tom Mcshea posed to the question to the audience how to get out of one trap in the Saw video game. This trap entailed a key for the next door being in a toilet bowl. But not just any toilet bowl in an insane asylum. No, this toilet bowl is full of syringes! So I pose the question those who might not get their answers read on the podcast, or who foolishly don't listen to the Hotspot, what would you do to get the key?

My idea was pretty simple, break off the toilet from it's hinges, then throw it to the ground, letting all of the syringes fall to the ground. And if all else fails, I would just take Tom's foot that was injured while playing basketball, and use it to dig out all the syringes, and lead me to the key. But what were your ideas guys?


Battlefield Heroes Impressions

So around two weeks ago EA sent me the Battlefield Hero's beta key, probably for the fact that I'm running Windows XP 64 Bit, which most people don't have, but that's beside the point. For the last two weeks have been dabbling in it, and have created some presumptions in my mind about the final game.

The first thing that caught my eye were the graphics. After spending countless hours inside TF2 servers, I have come to the idea that they are not just a rip off it. Instead it's almost like I'm in a Pixar esk world where everything has outlines, but are colored in. The best metophorical thing that I can compare it to is Leonardo Davinci's coloring book.:P

Graphics aside, the gameplay is also different from past Battlefield games. The first such difference is the fact that you can customize your character with different clothes. The downside to this is that you have to use points entitled, 'Battle Points,' or something similar, that you get by putting your credit card into the EA service. It's quite annoying having to spend around three dollars to dress up my character as a ninja, but on the flip side it's a free game, and at least it's just for clothes, and not any gameplay changing items. Also, the game is a lot faster than an average game of Battlefield 2. Unlike BF2 games' which could go on for upwards of an hour, games in Battlefield Heroes are around ten to fifteen minutes. Finally, there are only three cl@sses which are, Spy, Heavy, and Soldier. All three have their own distinct gameplay types, like Team Fortress 2, and add a diversity to the game. And don't worry Battlefield fanatics, planes, tanks, and cars are still in this version of the game, with a disapointing loss of the helicopters.

Battlefield Heroes seems to be a complete 360 from Battlefield 2 which was completly serious in it's "War is serious" tone. Instead with Heroes, it's all about goofing around. You have numerous actions that allow your character to do movments that even made my fifty year old, Battlefield 2 Hardened, father laugh. Heroes seems to be a great game for the fact that it's 'free,' allowing for disapointments like the lack of a server list, and the quick games to be pushed aside for the fact that, who doesn't like free things?

Definitly check Battlefield Heroes when it comes out in a couple of months.


Alot has just happened.

-Don, I will really miss your witty reviews, and of course, your puns;)

-Kristen, oh how you made On the Spot joyful. You were the ying, of Mechberg's Yang.

-Bethany, you were here for so long, and you left a lasting legacy for any future moderators.

-Arron, you were always funny, and always made me laugh when I least expected it.

And all the others who I did not list here, but were behind the scenes and making Gamespot a special place. I believe Gamespot can still continue to be a special place, but now, those still here have even more pressure, and work on them.

So to all those who are gone, best of luck, hope you have succesful lives, and I hope that you find true happiness, and maybe your paths will cross someday.

I have had a dream since I was ten, and I first stumbled upon this site, and that was to work at it. This dream still remains, dampered, but still remains. Like a tree, ever so resliant against the years of storms, but always standing tall.

I again wish everyone best of luck, to both who are gone and staying. In times like this, I refer to and old, cheesy quote, that I am sure anyone here will grimace at. And if you don't, well, I guess that kind of sucks for me...

"May the force be with you."

Games Played September 08 Editon

Whats up Gamespot, long time no see? Been swamped with school, and just got a break today, so I though I would update you guys with what I have been playing for this month. :)

To start it off, Geometry Wars 2 has been probably the most played. Its the type of game that I will just play for five minutes, and then turn off the console. Its also really a great game to play while listening to a podcast. My faviorte mode has to be Pacifism, where I have 211,455,735 points in it. It is such an awesome game mode, that is just loads of fun to play. I am second on all my leaderboards, behind Caddy in everyone...

I also have been playing alot of Burnout Paradise. Since it seems that the Sunday Drive gang rather playing Rockstar Table Tennis, or Lego Batman(;)) I have been playing it myself, and trying to get the acheivments out of it. I have only two burning routes left in it, and they are for cars I have not yet unlocked. I also have around 38 more races in total to do before I get my Elite Lisence. Collectible wise in the game, I only have 7-8 to go for either Super Jumps, BillBoards, or Smashes. I hope to finish this game up soon, so I can get my online acheivments then.

I also just got Civilization Revolution in the mail a couple days ago, and have been loving it. Its the type of turn based strategy game that is just tough enough to give you a challenge, but not so tough that it makes you angry. I have always loved Turn Based Strategy Games like Advance Wars, or Final Fantasy Tactics, but they always just get very hard at the end, and I never enjoy playing them after a couple weeks time. I dought that this will happen with this game.

Anyways, I got some French and Geometry Homework that needs doing. Anyone want to help me study for my Quaderlaterals Quiz tommorow?:D

Note: Check out the podcast, have always enjoyed them, and a intresting take on whats going on in gaming. Plus, they are very funny. Especially that Tony aka Guy who tortures himself with Phantasy Star 2 or Patapon.:P

Subtract 180 Dollars From My Bank Account...

I just finally decided to make the plunge, and go get Rock Band 2, well, when it comes out :P

It seems that I have always trying to decide whether to get the first Rock Band with the hardware issues that I have heard about, the the ok song list. But after hearing from the Sunday Drive Guys, I decided to research Rock Band 2 a little bit, and was very happily suprised to see a couple new things. First, they are creating better hardware for the sequel, something that really makes me warm to my heart, seeing that I don't have to worry about another gaming thing breaking, aside from my 360. Secondly, the setlist, is just amazing. I mean a completly diverse set of songs, that absolutly rock. One of my faviortes, Living on a Prayer, from Bon Jovi is also included in it, and I can not wait to sing the hell out of that song. And last but not least, I realized I can just get Guitar Hero World Tour, the game, without buying the crappy Guitar Hero hardware, with the gimmicky symbals.

So with this big purchase coming up, I will have less money to spend on other games coming up. Meaning, that I will probably have to cut down on my anticapted games list. Anyway, please tell if I am making a good purchase on Rock Band 2 in the comments box, seeing that I got a resounding two comments in my last blog. Good effort guys;)

Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved 2 Review

Just posted my Geometry Wars 2: Retro Revolved 2 Review here on Gamespot, and think its one of my better reviews. If you guys can check it out, and give me feedback, constructive critiscm is always helpful;), that would be much appreciated. As always, the review is at the bottom of the blog.:);continue;1

For some reason, my review was not showing up at that bottom of the page, so I just posted a link for your guys.