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My trip back in time

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Havent posted one of these in a while, so i thought it was about time:P

Anyway, its been slow time of the year in terms of gaming releases. The only notable game for me coming out in the past month or two being GTAIV, which is awesome btw. (I havent finished it yet, but im getting there. I just get so easily side-tracked in the game.) And in the near future, with the only notable releases being Race Driver: GRID (loved the demo), Battlefield: Bad Company and thats it...oh, and MGS4!, I thought i'd catch up on some gaming i missed out on last-gen.

In terms of the Gamecube, i think ive experienced all the great games. The only games i can think of that i still want to play being Fire Emblem and Tales of Symphonia. I cant find these games anywhere:x

Onto the Xbox, and there are a few i still want to play which have been brought to my attention through the Xbox Originals feature in Xbox Live. Games like Black, Sid Meier's Pirates, Farenheit and Psychonauts spring to mind. If i cant find any of these in stores, ill updrage the HDD in my 360 to 120GB (damn M$ and their overpriced HDDs:x) and just download them there.

Now the PS2 i think is were ive missed out on the most. Could be because it had the largest and biggest library of all three. Could also be because i was a bit late to the Playstation scene, and when i did finally purchase one all i played was Vice City. Also could've been because i was addicted to Halo 2 multiplayer pretty much the whole time from the games launch in 2004 until the 360 launch in 2005. In fact, i was still playing Halo 2 well into the 360's life, and still do to this day (not a big fan of what they've done to Halo 3 multiplayer).

Anyway, i thought id go out and search the bargain bins, preowned baskets and sale....racks to try and find some hidden gems, and i think ive found a few . Ill list my purchases here:

I have played God of War, and thought it was a great game even though im not a big fan of the genre. I do like the whole greek mythology scene going on, which is why i thought i'd get the sequel. Especially since there's a third installment heading for the PS3.

Metal Gear Solid 2 had to be bought! Ive never went near the MGS games until recently. Ill admit i have owned MGS3: Snake Eater for a few months now, and i did attempt at playing it once, but couldnt get into it really. I was foolish. With all this talk going on about the near release of the big MGS4, i thought i'd go hunt for Twin Snakes. I knew my chances of finding the original MGS game for the PS1 were next to nothing unless i resorted to the internet and ebay, so i thought i go for an easier buy. I only finished Twin Snakes yesterday, and my god the game is epic. I was hitting myself knowing that ive missed out on MGS for all these years!! Im am hooked on the story, and as soon as a finish writing this blog, ill be off to start on MGS2. My goal is to finish MGS2 and MGS3 and possibly Portable Ops before the 4th is released. Cant wait!

Shadow of the Colossus was another must have. Ive seen it mentioned all the time on forums, with nothing but good things to say about it. In fact the store assistant who was selling me the game even complemented me on my purchase, telling me it was his favouite PS2 game of all time. This can only mean good things. I was also on the lookout for Ico (the original version) but that game is incredibly rare, i didnt get my hopes up.

Beyond Good and Evil, again ive heard so much about on forums. Same goes for Valkyrie Profile 2. If anyone knows of any other hidden gems out there, let me know!

All in all, i can say im going to have a few great gaming sessions these coming weeks. First priority is to play MGS2 and 3 for two reasons really. First, im hooked on the story, i want to delve deeper into the MGS world, and secondly i want to be able to play MGS4 on launch and know whats going to story-wise.