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COD4 beta: Pros and Cons

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Ive been taking part in the COD4 beta for a few days now, and i have to say im loving it so far. Ive always been a fan of the Call of Duty games and their campaigns, but this is the first one to capture me with its multiplayer.

First things first, check out these two screens:

(Halo 3 custom game lobby from the Halo 3 beta)

(COD4 pregame lobby (excuse the bad quality, had to take a photo of my TV))

Now this was the first thing to strike me when i started up the COD4 beta. Now i do remember reading articles on sites such as CVG where Infinity Ward were saying that they're goal was to take on Halo 3, king of multiplayer on XBL. But i didnt think that meant they would be copying them to this extent:P But hey, im not complaining. Im glad a game has finally adapted the matchmaking system (have no idea what took so long) that made Halo 2 so god damn fun.

Anyway, onto the Pros and Cons


-------This game has adapted the matchmaking system that has helped make Halo 2 so popular online. With a few clicks of the 'a' button, the system automatically search's for opponents based on rank for you, so that you are put up againt people of similar skill. This makes entering games very easy, and keeps the matches fair, meaning more fun for everyone.The party system also present in Halo 2 is here, meaning its very easy to play games with your best friends on XBL.
-------Weapons can be upgraded which adds depth to the game. Upgrades such as silencers, Scopes, grenade attachments can be placed on weapons once unlocked.
-------Perks are also a great feature, You can have up to 3 perks for your soldier. Perks include things such as have extra health, firing bullets that do more damage, have 3 special grenades rather than one and firing bullets that can penetrate thinker obstacles.
The levels in the beta (There are three: Overgrown, Crash and Vacant) are very fun to play on. Crash is my personal favourite, with Vacant being my least favourite.
-------If you get a streak of 3 kills in the beta, you can call in a UAV which exposes the positions of enemy soilders on the battlefield. If you get a 5 killing streak, you can call in an airstike to any position of the battlefield, and if you get a 7 kill streak, you can call in a helicopter that will fly around the battlefield shooting down your enemies until shot down. This is a very rewarding system, and makes tha game alot more fun. Far better than just getting a medal or something.
-------Gone are the boring weapons of WWII, which imo make this game so much better. The weapons are exciting and fun to use.


-------Whoever is first into the room is automatically host. So if they have a terrible connection, then the game starts and everyone bar them lags. This has happened a few times to me, and is very frustrating. Especially when im used to Halo 2 where the system picks the person best suited to host rather than the first person to enter the room.
-------Another problem is that if the host leaves the game, the match ends. Again, this is frustrating, especially when Halo 2 automatically finds another person suitable to host if the original host leaves.

Thats all i can think of at the minute, but if you have anything to add, please comment. Also, sorry for having so many comparisons to Halo, but its just i play the damn game so much that i cant help it:P