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My phone timeline!

Heres every phone ive ever had!! since the year 2000. I just thought i would post this randomly.

Anyway, the one on the very left is my first. Its clearly a brick, and nowadays actually looks like a cordless home phone, but its actually an old mobile:P
The second one i got for christmas. I loved this mobile, it was awesome and i only gave it up because i had the chance to get another for nothing really.
Then i got this other Nokia phone, which was pretty cool but nothing special.
Then the big motorolla, which is BIG. Its packed with cool features though. Has a good camera, video functionality, real tones etc..
Then i got my wee Samsung slidy phone, which ive been using up until the other day. This phone was awesome, has loads of cool features.
Then the other day i gave birth to my baby, my Sony Ericsson phone. Its awesome, seriously, has an amazing camera, has loads of memory (1 gb), has a very good screen, has amazing speakers to play my music on, plays MP3s obviously and best of all, it looks sexy8)
Anyway, thats all folks!

Got my DS Lite!

Finally got my DS Lite:D It actually arrived a day before the released date for some reason, but no one was in my house to sign for it so i didn't end up getting it until the release day anyway:P

I have Advance Wars: Dual Strike for it at the moment (which is awesome btw) and during this week, Sonic Rush and Mario Kart DS should arrive. Can't wait! ^.^ This Friday is the release date for the new Super Mario Bros, and ill definately be getting that.
Anyway, just thought i would let you guys know!

Its my Birthday!!!!!! (03/15)

Its my birthday today! Which is sweet, and im off school untill Tuesday for St. Paddy's day! Which is all good, And i upgraded my ipod mini to an ipod video. Just thought i'd let you guys know that life is sweet8)

My new setup (thank you Santa!) lol

Heres my new game setup in my room which i love! Santa got me the 27" Samsung HDTV today! I have Need for speed, Kameo, PDZ, PGR3 and Call fo Duty 2 for my xbox 360. And it looks sweet! Next thing for me to get is a surround sound system.

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