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Well I have been here for 2 years and I loved it, but i just have many other things to do in life and I basically will never have time for GS. Goodbye to all my fellow Gamespot users!

My Birthday!!

So my birthday was 2 days ago. But I am still going to post and tell everyone what happened. As of games I got...

Red Dead Redemption! I know I am late, but like you guys know nothing usually releases near my birthday. I am not a madden fan and I am not really interested in Mafia 2. I also got a home cooked lasagna made by mother. She had the courtesy to wake up early and I appreciate that. All my other relatives just gave me money. I have $420. I wonder what I might do with it. Might buy Super Street Fighter 4. Or save up. Well that was my birthday everyone nothing really special, just thought I would let ya guys know.

10 Days, It is almost here!

My Birthday has almost come. It is on August 15th. I really do not know what I want for my birthday. But Something is fishy going on about some device made by Apple called Ìpod Touch :P. It would be awesome if I do get it. Also the usual money from relatives.

One Year :)

Ahhh so it has been one year that I was with all you guys! Well half of you guys don't even bother commenting or reading my blogs, but whatever. Alot of things happened through July 2nd 2009 - July 2nd 2010. Like my 7 day absence.(Read Im Back blog for more info) Well it is great being here!

I am Backkkk

Yea I am back from a 7 day suspension. My suspension was pleasant. I deserved a suspension from what I did, and wont do it again because next time I think i'll be gone for ever. WUDDUP GUYS I AM BACKKKKK!

MW2 Platinum

No I do not have the platinum of this game YET :P. I need somebody that I can play with to help me for Spec Ops to get all 69 stars so if anybody is interested in helping me. Please add me Gau97:D

My Bday

Yes my bday has past it was on the 15th, and NOBODY on gs wished me happy bday:(. Except you Furi kun thanks Canadian friend, but then again you were late lol.I also got infamous for my bday which is an awesome game, i love the boss fights i just defeated Sasha and it was crazy.

Fight Night Round 4!!!!!

this game is a crazy outstanding game great visuals great knock outs i dont no y people say the controls are bad i played fnr3 i like both of them. But not to say u cant forget about ufc now that game is aslo good but it lags a bit online they said there will be a patch to take that off in July.......well yea its July still nothing yet i really recomend both games they are AMAZING